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So what's the better exercise: cardio of strength training?

Posted Jul 20 2010 8:22am

Womanexercising Have you ever wondered what's a the way to exercise.

You know, if you had to choose between going for a run, ride or swim, or going to the gym and hitting the weights for some strength training...which one is better for you?

Some may argue that it's like comparing apples to oranges but Women's Health Magazine recently compared the two forms of exercise and guess what?

Out of six different criteria they used included adding years to your life, and burning calories... strength training was the clear winner.

According to Women's Health strength training is most certainly better when it comes to:

- burning calories

- looking strong and fit

- wear and tear on the bones and joints

and a draw when it comes to building speed for your next race.

In fact cardio training is only better if you want:

- add years to your life and

- reduce stress in your life.

You can read the read the entire story HERE as well as check out the studies the editors used to back-up their conclusions. 

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