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Sneak Peek!

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm
Aghh, the remodel. 4 weeks of no sleep, lungs giving up via dust... and now, after no sleep immune system down and getting on a plane, a cold.

BUT, it is so freaking worth it! Although it is not yet a complete project, my favorite part - the CLOSET is finished!!! AND, most of the dirty work is complete - just waiting on the countertops to be installed and the vanity doors installed, next week so they say.

So - here are a few pictures until the rest is finished. I give you
The BEFORE closet!
You have NO idea how much crap we had stuffed into this closet.... We had hanging shoe racks, floor shoe racks, a mini dresser, a laundry basket. Eventually I'd get so frustrated, I would just start throwing stuff on top (picture clearly shows this). We could never find anything... or get to anything.
And don't get me started on the cheesy gold trim. The entire house was decked out in it, room to room. We had rid nearly everything except these closet doors!
So, we had this huge room, with tiny closets and a crazy long vanity - all just wasted open space.
We basically cut the space in half to build a large walk in closet, and STILL have a good size bathroom....
I wish I had taken pictures of the closet before we installed the door......
This is the view from the entryway - or bathroom area.... Huge laundry bins on bottom, clothing drawers and storage.
Shane's hanging (double layer), plus shoe rack and on the other side, not shown in picture is a LONG space for dresses, suits, etc....
Have I mentioned how much I like shoes? Yes people there are THIRTY shoe shelves...
And yes, I will most likely fill them :-)
Next up - the vanity - hopefully tomorrow!
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