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Since the last ancient update....

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm

My life in a nutshell....

1. I started my first sports medicine elective. It is as awesome in every way that I had hoped it would be. I'm setting up another one in November and am hoping to get in on some college and pro sport action. Fun!

2. Decided, in all my brilliance, that after an entire summer of dismal swim training I would attempt to swim 45,000 meters in 2 weeks. I am now 19,600 meters into my idiocy and have to budget an extra hour into my day to change my clothes since I can no longer lift my arms over my head. In related news, it is somehow impossible to satisfy my ravenous hunger.

3. I am in the middle of an interview with John at TheOutdoorJourney. We should be done soon, so stock up on your red bull and pick up some toothpicks to hold your eyes open. It's a long one ;-)

4. I'm going to become a featured blogger on wellsphere. I'm hoping that as my knowledge of sports medicine grows I can start writing blogs with more of a medical slant. I'm thinking a good starter should be: 45,000 meters in 2 weeks: why this is a stupid idea

5. I leave for VACATION in less than 2 weeks! Heading out to Las Cruces for CAMP on September 23rd and then for KONA on October 4th. Expect to hear way more from me than you ever feared possible.

6. With the help of ProTriathlete and professional self-photographer MarkyV I was able to take and develop my very own picture for my residency applications. Where most people go and get pics taken professionally, I took my camera on a walk with my dog, took a picture of myself and spent 99 cents at Walgreens to get my fabulous self- portrait. Smile!

While in training for the pinnacle of my self portrait career, I took some pretty awesome ones that just didn't quite make the cut for the job application

7. Maddie and I have been spending some awesomely quality time together. My 2 weeks of ortho trauma were tougher on her than they were on me, so I've been trying to make it up. Here is a photo journal of last weekend:

Where's Maddie?

Going into the woods, yay!

Over the bridge...

Come on, ma- let's go SWIMMING!

Want this?

Happy puppy!

Tired puppy...

8. Undies are in the mail! You didn't actually think that I would travel all the way to Kona and not participate in the underpants run, did you??? I think not! So my new funny undies are being shipped to Milwaukee to be packed away for the big run. Paulo has already volunteered to come take pics. What a guy! ;-)

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