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Sick Day(s)

Posted Dec 04 2009 2:30pm
Well the exercise ride was going well until I caught this damn winter cold. I haven't worked out in four days. I really dislike these stupid things. I would use 'hate' but that is too strong a word and I won't let Mighty Mo use it, either. But its up there.

It's been a while since I've had a cold or flu and I suppose I am acting like one of those crazy Seattleite's who forgets how to drive in the snow. It's okay, I can say 'crazy' because I grew up there. And its true. 380 days of rain a year and not a single problem looking through those old skippy, squealchy wipers but add a 1/4 inch of overnight snow and a morning work commute and everyone (else) forgets how to drive.

But back to me. I just want to sleep and in the past I would have knuckled under and just gotten the workouts done on 2x the daily recommended dose of DayQuil, but it's not worth it. Besides ithe cold is screwing up my nutrition and hydration, I am way under caloried the last few days. Which brings me to one of the best movie lines ever, "I figure I am only one stomach flu away from my goal weight" (Devil Wears Prada). I think new federal laws regarding Blogging forces me to disclose that I did not get paid or receive free gear to write that. Though I'd be happy too.

Regardless of my fitness levels, when I am sick I usually can't taste food. So I default to M&Ms and Diet Coke. Might as well splurge, right. But so far I haven't had either. Too sick for even that. Though the girls in my admin office have all kinds of goodies and I tried a Girl Scout Cookie called Thank U Berry Munch. Now look, I haven't had Captain Crunch cereal in at least 15 years, but I am telling you that those cookies take exactly like crunchberries. I stopped at one when I read that it only takes five of those to equal the same calories as a 6" Subway turkey with veggies. Seriously, a cookie that small has 60 calories? That ain't right.

Mistress told me last night that she was going to 'Ferberize' Baby Mae and I may want to sleep downstairs. I just took an extra Nyquil and I slept like a baby. Well, not our baby but somebodies baby I am sure. Luckily, she knew I had to get to the office at zero-dark-thirty to prep for two dispute resolutions going before judges this morning and I skated before anyone was up. By the way, it takes exactly 20 oz of extra caffeinated Quik Trip gas station coffee to cut the fog of 3 Nyquil taken 7 hours earlier. Try to mathmatize that!

But right now, Mighty Mo has his two best bud's over at the house this afternoon probably running around like Hammy from Over the Hedge on a caffeine drink. Mistress is short on sleep, cranky and making sure nothing those three do is permanent to the house or themselves. Baby Mae doesn't even want to sleep. All I want to do is sleep. So I am not sure what to do, except I am not going to buy a large bag of peanut M&M's and half rack of Diet Coke. Probably.

Again, just to stay compliant with new federal law, lots of product placement and name dropping in this post and none of those sonsofbitches are paying me a dime.
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