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Shower A vs Shower B

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:01pm

So I made some comments about how much I love fall and how beautiful it is and then WHAMO - winter came. Booooo. Except I'm convinced that this is just a short stint of cold weather and it will get warm again before it gets cold for good. At least that's what I'm hoping.

And I'm hoping it happens fast because I'm running a half marathon on Saturday and I would prefer if it wasn't 36 degrees and pouring down rain (as is the current forecast!) for the race. (WOOO-HOOO I get to race again!!!!!!! :)

Either way, the colder weather came rolling in on Tuesday-ish. On Wednesday I was doing my long ride for the week (since I'm doing the running race on Saturday) and so on with all the winter cycling gear it was! When I got up in the morning (around 5:30 am) I checked the weather - 35 degrees with a "feels like" of 33. Okay - no problem! By the time it gets light and I'm ready to go in a few hours it will be at least 40! I can handle this! But still, I dressed in my gloves, heavy cycling jacket, double socks and leg warmers (I just can't do tights yet). And just before I left I checked the weather again and it was...

35 degrees with a "feels like" of 32.


HA! But in actuality it wasn't that bad. I rode for 4 hours but was only cold for the first 45 minutes - EXCEPT the toes. The toes always get it the worst. The toes finally warmed up around 29 minutes into my 30 minute transition run. :) Anyway, I surely enjoyed climbing more than usual because I'd get so nice and toasty warm. That is until I went bombing down the other side of the hill.

By the way, I know 35 degrees in "real" winter will feel like a summer's warm day but right now that feels cold. I'll get used to it. I think. :)

In other news, O and I went with my friend to Big Bang Bikes (THE best bike shop in Pittsburgh) to pick out a new bike for him last night. Nathan is a runner who decided to sign up for an Ironman next summer (Louisville). Crazy kid. I do think ignorance is bliss right now though and it was awfully fun buying a bike with him! I love the bike shop. Although Glenn (shop owner) played an evil trick on me when he showed me the newest, hottest Scott on the market. I got bike lust. And then I started to scheme... :) Time will tell.

And in completely unrelated news I have a survey question. Here is my conundrum when I go to masters practice and I would like opinions on the matter.

First, let me set the stage.

The locker room at Pitt is chilly (although oddly enough it's STIFFLING hot in the summer). Anyway, the pool water - also chilly. If I had to guess, I'd say high 70s. It's cold jumping in but perrrrrfect for swimming hard. Okay, so in the colder months of the year, I usually get out of the pool and am FREEZING. Enter the chilly locker room and I am even colder. This is where the conundrum begins...

My choice of showers are as follows:

Shower A - When turned to the HOTTEST it can possibly be turned to, the water is lukewarm. It's not cold water but it's also not hot.

Shower B - When turned to the COLDEST setting possible, the water is scolding hot. Like tough to stand under hot.

So what does one do? In the summer the choice is easy - the locker room is hot and you are about to go outside where it's hot and the lukewarm shower actually feels quite good. But on a morning when it's 34 degrees and raining outside and you are already cold and you risk coldness the whole day with Shower A but Shower B just about scalds off your skin...WHAT DO YOU DO?

I know, I know...I do ask the tough questions in life... :)

Have a great night everyone and stay warm! (or if you are still in Hawaii - stay cool!)

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