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Seniors who exercise live longer, happier and healthier lives according to a new study

Posted Sep 15 2009 10:01pm

Active-seniors-cropped Who says you are too old to start exercise.

Even if you start a regular exercise program at the age at 85 you' ll live a longer, happier, and healthier life according to a new Israeli study published in the September 14 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study compared 1,861 seniors at the age of 70, 78 and 85-years-old who exercised and/or performed physical active 4 hours a week or more and compared them to sedentary seniors who performed 4 hours or less of exercise a week.

The study concluded that those seniors who were active, "were also more likely to remain independent and experienced fewer declines in their ability to perform daily tasks," according to

"These active seniors also reported fewer new instances of loneliness -
    ● 12.2 percent vs. 22.6 percent from ages 70 to 78 and
    ● 26.5 percent vs. 44.1 percent from ages 78 to 85.

They also were less likely to have poor self-rated health -
    ● 77.3 percent vs. 63.3 percent from ages 70 to 78 and
    ● 63.8 percent vs. 82.6 percent from ages 78 to 85.

What' s really amazing from the story is that, "The benefits associated with physical activity were observed not only in those who maintained an existing level of physical activity, but also in those who began exercising between ages 70 and 85."

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