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Schwartz Swim Special

Posted Apr 01 2011 8:29pm

Today's training was kind of fun so I thought I would tell you about it. It's always fun. (okay, not ALWAYS, like on Wednesday evening when I was running and was being pelted with snow/ice/rain and my face hurt badly and I was cold but I wore shorts anyway because DARN IT Mother Nature I've had enough!!!) And I always feel lucky to get to do the training I do.

But today was EXTRA special fun because I got to do the Schwartz Swim Special!

But first, I had a bike workout to do. The bike was on the trainer (of course) and was one of Dirk's infamous hill pyramids. This is one of these types of rides that starts off really easy and then before you know it, it is BAM IN YOUR FACE hard. The entire workout is done at 60 RPMs. A strength builder you could say. It went well and I was pleased and during the warmup and cooldown I watched a show OnDemand called Coming Home. I believe it's on Lifetime. Have you all ever seen this show? It's pretty awesome and although I am not a crier (as in weddings, movies, cute puppies, funerals, etc... don't make me cry), I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes watching this one. It's about men and women who serve in the military and are coming home from deployments and surprise their families (mostly their young children) with their arrival home. It's the best and makes you truly appreciate (as much as a non-military person can appreciate) the huge sacrifice that military families make for us.

Anyway, the bike workout went well. :)

I had a quick turn around after the bike because I was on a tight time schedule this morning and I needed to get to the pool pretty quickly. Of course I took time to refuel. That's always top priority!!

I was pretty giddy to get swimming because today on tap - my first ever attempt at what I'm now calling the Schwartz Swim Special! (or Triple S for short)

What is the Triple S you ask? Well a while back I read on Melissa (Schwartz)'s blog about a swim workout she does that is 11x500. Hmm...11x500 you say? Count me in! I was excited to try such a thing and just had to wait for a day when Dirk had longer repeats on my schedule.

Today was that day! (plus today paddles were optional per Dirk so YES, no paddles for this workout!)

I tried to mimic the workout that Melissa does but because I'm a swimming dummy I'm not so sure I did it correctly (as she explained it). This was my version:

11x500 as descend #1-3, descend #4-6, descend #7-9, #10 easy and #11 HARD

There is a strong possibility that it's really supposed to be descending each set (as in do #1-3 at the same pace and then descend the next set of 3, etc...) but again, swimming talk confuses me.

Either way, you descend. :)

When I got to the pool I decided no warmup was needed. Just get in and get 'er started!

And it was awesome! As you can all see, this workout could be very hard or very easy depending on how you choose to descend. I went somewhere for the middle ground but usually always made the last one in each group at a pretty tough pace. #10 was EASY and I took that word seriously and then #11...oh #11 how I've been waiting for you all morning!!

I live for the #11 of workouts!! It's not often that we really get to cut loose and go for it. I had a goal in mind and swam pretty darn hard to get it but alas, came up 6 seconds short. You know what that means...


I figure I can do this one at least once a month. I now have a benchmark. YAHOOOO!! And honestly, it was such a great workout from an efficiency standpoint. 5700 yds total (I did cool down some to make up for my lack of warmup) in less than 1:25!

But just some words of wisdom if you do this workout yourself:

1) It will make you very hungry.
2) Put snacks in your swim bag because you will need them.
3) I repeat, it will make you very hungry!

So that was this morning's fun! Hope everyone had a great weekend and best of luck to all those racing! GOOOOOOOOO be great! :)

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