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Saturday morning I logged into ...

Posted May 15 2012 3:00pm
Saturday morning I logged into Facebook before I headed out for a ride. My friend and old Coach, Jen Harrison, had posted something on my wall. I'm grateful for that because I doubt I would have seen this otherwise. 

Honestly, I am humbled and blown away by this.  To be put on a list with the likes of Karen Smyers, Paula Newby- Fraser and Natasha Badman is just .... unbelievable to me!  I work so so hard to be the best that I can be.  Last year was a pretty amazing race season and to have this type of acknowledgement means a lot.

I don't have a big post to go with this. I'm just very happy and honestly, pretty excited. It definately fuels my fire to keep pushing forward!!! 

MarkAthleteNationSwimBikeRunYear9:31:21Natascha Badmann SUI1:07:045:00:283:16:4420119:32:05Beate Görtz GER1:09:264:58:403:18:4520119:43:25Samantha Warriner NZL58:445:04:093:31:3820119:51:41Susanne Davis USA1:00:325:27:423:17:15201110:01:06Eric McCarty USA57:325:20:013:34:562011(10)

10:04:15Sandra Patt SUI1:07:565:28:373:21:192011(20)

10:18:43Shannon Donley USA1:06:415:09:393:56:30201110:24:02Sophie Van Biervliet BEL1:15:335:24:553:36:43201110:26:00Angela Bancroft USA1:04:415:37:153:34:57201110:27:05Sophie Whitworth GBR1:04:395:31:333:42:002011(30)

10:29:22Tina Eakin USA1:16:175:36:593:29:012011

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Triathlon All Time Rankings

- Ironman Hawaii

Ironman Hawaii - W 40 - 44

9:30:47Karen Smyers AUS1:00:125:02:243:22:272005
9:50:35Fernanda Keller BRA1:06:305:19:503:18:332006
9:51:40Paula Newby-Fraser ZIM56:145:16:543:32:542003
10:00:52Wendy Ingraham USA 55:295:27:573:31:372005
10:03:06Donna Kay-Ness USA1:04:495:15:093:37:282006
10:05:24Missy LeStrange USA1:01:105:21:383:42:361993
10:08:43Amy McGrath USA1:06:055:38:003:18:202010
10:12:00Lynn Keane USA1:09:315:25:253:29:422005
10:15:05Lisbeth Kenyon USA1:03:105:23:223:42:152009
10:16:06Karen Smith BER1:06:035:37:443:24:452010
10:16:30Michelle Boyes AUS1:11:365:22:123:37:332010
10:17:22Diana Hassel USA1:06:335:15:523:48:152010
10:17:55Marijke Zeekant NED55:555:32:233:45:391999
10:18:29Belinda Granger AUS57:435:16:253:59:062010
10:20:06Kathy Winkler USA1:03:595:32:213:38:232006
10:20:15Sofie Dovren SWE1:01:575:23:013:47:552005
10:20:36Peggy Yetman USA1:15:285:46:293:13:072008
10:26:48Terry Martin-Duvel USA1:04:385:31:073:44:342005
10:27:03Tanja Buehlmann SUI1:07:295:31:553:40:442009
10:29:02Dianna Ineman USA1:10:465:10:243:56:342005
10:29:11Sue Mellsop NZL55:325:47:333:39:402008
10:29:30Britni Bakk USA1:04:345:40:133:40:212007
10:29:32Sylvie Dansereau CAN1:14:425:27:033:42:222008
10:29:57Ruth Bradbrook GBR1:04:095:27:543:49:202010
10:30:33Leslie Sanderson CAN59:175:41:523:41:532010
10:30:57Cordula Gruber GER1:03:115:30:383:47:192005
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