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Saturday Morning Blogging

Posted Jan 23 2010 7:26am

Well, it's 9:52 am on a Saturday morning and I'm blogging. This can only mean one thing. I'm not back to training yet. HAHA! But, I'm getting closer. Maybe. I think. :)

My intercostal is definitely feeling better. I can get up out of bed without wincing. I can get my arm up over my head, breathe deeply, twist to the side, etc... all with minimal pain. Progress! Which of course makes me want to train. NOW! But this is the tricky part. When it hurts really bad, well of course the decision to train or not is an easy one. But when it feels better and you can now do things relatively pain free - well that's where you can get yourself into trouble. So SLOW is the name of the game. I'm fully ready to take 1 step forward but then 1 step back if needed. I just don't want to take one GIANT leap forward and then take 29 steps back. Make sense? :)

Anyway, yesterday I went to see THE BEST DOCTOR EVER. I'm amazed that such a person exists in Pittsburgh. He is new to the area so I can take some solace in the fact that he hasn't been here all along and I've just been missing him.

What made him so great (besides the fact that he told me I could try riding my bike) you ask? He was extremely thorough and spent a lot of time with me for one. We spent a good amount of time just talking about history and how/why I got this injury, not just "let's fix this and get you on your way..." And for another - HE IS A TRIATHLETE! (and has done Ironman in fact) My eyes lit up upon learning this little detail. Yes, finally, a doctor that will "get it". And more importantly a doctor that will understand how we sit on the bike, what muscles we use repeatedly when we swim 15,000 yds a week, etc... DING DING DING! We have a winner. :)

Regardless, the result of the appointment is that I need to get a lot of blood work (sort of unrelated to this injury but just in general - he was looking to keep me healthy for many years to come) and I need an xray (we all agreed this is muscular but he just wants to make sure I don't have an old rib stress fracture in there as this is the side of my body that was hit by a truck). And I have to see him again in about 10 days.

The BEST news is, I can try riding my bike. And swimming. But no running. No surprise there. When it comes to injury, running is always the first to go and the last to return. Stupid running. ;) So come Monday, I get to spin easy for a bit if I have no pain. Try swimming on Tuesday (again, no pain and it has to be light and easy). I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. And I am very much looking forward to at least testing the waters out a little! WOO-HOO!

Anyway - you must be sick of reading about this injury (I know I'm sick of it myself) so let's talk...NUTRITION!

This morning I gave a lecture to a group of cyclists. They asked many, many questions about beer. Really? No questions about protein needs? Good foods for recovery? Fruits and vegetables? Nope, most of the conversation was BEER. :) But that's okay. They were funny, nobody fell asleep on me and I got a few laughs at my rather lame jokes, so I'll count it as a victory. :)

Tomorrow I'm giving another lecture - this one at a triathlon clinic being put on by the brand-spanking new Pittsburgh Triathlon Club (PTC)! The PTC is an exciting addition to our area. Triathlon is just getting so big in our country and even in Pittsburgh, which traditionally hasn't been a big "endurance sport" area. Pittsburgh loves their hockey and loves their football (and sort of loves their baseball) but...triathlon? Well I guess Pittsburgh is starting to love triathlon too! :) (now if only we'd get some really big races here, oh how happy I would be!)

Anyway, the clinic should be exciting and fun. I've got my lecture AND lame jokes prepared! Looking forward to meeting some more triathletes and seeing some of the ones I already know! :)

And now it's time for...what. I tell you, it's very hard to get used to not having 4-5 hours of training each Saturday... :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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