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Running shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:21am

I fell in love with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8 back in February when I went to Sports Basement.

I was graduating from the Ariel down to the Adrenaline due to my awesome orthotics. Right around that time, I found out that Courtenay and Loren were also fans of this shoe, with the one caveat: they didn't seem to last as long as other shoes.

I also remembered Court writing about how she figured it was time for new shoes when she started having pains while running and realized it wasn't because she was just weak (I swear I remember that but I can't find that post...).

About two weeks ago I started having a couple weird twinges of pain right below my knee. Nothing big; I'm so clumsy that I figured I bumped into something like I always do. Then last week after a run on the treadmill I was really kind of hurting. Saturday I went out for an 8.5 mile run - nothing too fast and nothing new. Yet Sunday I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a train.

WTF?! I thought something was so wrong with me, like how did I become so weak all of a sudden? COME ON, BODY, DON'T BE SO WEAK SAUCE!

Then I looked at my mileage on the shoes - 196. I should get more than that, right?

Then I looked at the shoes. Oh.


So, when I was in Napkinville Napa on Sunday for Mom's Day I went to the Napa Running Store and got my $92 pair of shoes (and THAT was with a 10% discount!).


If I'm going to have to buy these every 3 months, that sucks!

Especially since besides this ONE thing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. They fit my feet PERFECTLY, and I've never had any pains or blisters or toenails falling off because of them.

I think it's Brooks' plot to make you have to buy them more often.

Swimming is BY FAR the cheapest sport of the three, unless you want to wear the waterproof mp3 player while swimming.

Hmph. If anybody else had shoe recommendations/reviews (and Ben, I'm well aware of how awesome your KSwiss shoes are) for moderate motion control (aka 'support'), feel free to throw 'em out here.

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