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Running and Major Life Decisions

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
When I was flying back to San Diego from a work-related meeting in North Cali last week, I sat with this talkative fella who wanted to know everything about my job. EVERYTHING.

I was surprised at his interest in me because I looked very tired. You see, when I get ready for my work meetings, I take it very seriously. I go all out, my sleep suffers, and I operate on this pure internal drive and adrenaline, some kind of professional high. So, I keep my shit together all the way through the meeting and, the moment I return to my rental car to drive to the airport, I let myself go. I let my hair down and relax my face allowing myself to look tired. The job is done. Now home. No more work-related talking.

But not so fast. On the plane, this aforementioned very friendly guy starts asking me about my job. And every one of my sentences, he'd complete with a "WOW" or "you are so lucky."

And you can't blame him. Turns out he works three jobs. He works as a teacher at a school and holds two other jobs in catering (as a cook and a server, I believe).

My husband is kind of in the same boat. He's had two retail-type jobs the entire time that he was getting his MFA, and, now that he is graduating in May, it's been tough to find a real, relevant, and well-paying job. And right now is just not the best time for graduating.

There is an offer that might potentially go through, but the job's in south Texas. And if I'd like to keep my CA job, then it means splitting time between two states all over again and spending time apart from each other for weeks and weeks at a time all over again. And, for the record, I'd like to keep my CA job. It's a "WOW" type of job, apparently. Ideally, I wish we could both live in San Diego, both with good jobs. But can you really be picky in this economy?

At the same time, maybe it makes sense to tough it out and keep looking for a job in San Diego? If you are going to have a hard time, why not deal with it while living together, supporting each other, and, of course, spicing it up with trips to the beach? Right?

And this is silly in the grand scheme of things, but San Diego is so runner friendly. Running in a suburb very deep in south Texas is a biatch, to say the least. Been there, done that, and I don't want to go back.

But then again, there are things like professional development and financial stability. I know, thinking about them makes me want to vomit too! HAHA!

I guess we'll weigh everything when things become more concrete. To be continued... :)
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