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Run Inspired!!!

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:17am

The usual Tuesday evening run was different from any other Tuesday evening run I have ever run. Tonite it wasn't about the pace, the time, or the mileage... instead about keeping at it, sticking to it, not giving up, pushing others to things they never imagined.

Tonite my bloggy peep and newbie runner Julie, joined me and fellow runners for the usual Tuesday nite dealio. I told Julie no matter what I would run with her... and thats what I did. For once I didn't care about what my Garmin told me... I just wanted to enjoy company of a good friend. The route called for the Historical Seminary route... pretty much out and back with a little loopdie loop and some rollers in the mix. The run started out good... big group all together... but then we were split up. I looked behind me and no sight of Julie... so I ran back the other way and found her. She kept telling me to go on... but nope I stayed with her. Several times during the run she wanted to give in... but I told her runners are strong and don't give in. We had to walk and jog alot of it but we got it done. When we reached our starting point an hour later... I told her she did 5 miles... she didn't believe it... I had to show her my Garmin. She was super excited and gave me the worlds largest hug... it was great.

Tonite Julie inspired me tonite in several ways... many that will help me reach my goals and help others reach their goals in the future! Thanks Julie... love ya girlie!

More to come...

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