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Rock and Roll Rookie Run 10K

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:39pm
Today was the Rock and Roll Rookie Run in Middleton, the race Michelle Alswager was in charge of and has hounded us to do since we saw her last fall at the Run for the Rivers.
It was a good run for me. I won't call it a race because it really isn't about competing for me (Thank God for that! I would really be down if it were important!..... unless there were medals for bottom 3....) I finished, I wasn't last, and it didn't kill me. And I got to giggle at the old guy in split shorts with his wrinkly ass cheek hanging out in the wind..... I was just wondering what he was thinking when he decided on THAT outfit this morning. I got to clap at one of the two people I knew were behind me as we crossed paths on the final loop towards the finish line and tell her "Good Job!" And we got to meet Colin, a nice guy we met for the first time today, even though we have been at lots of the same races. It was a double loop course, and I thought it was a nice course. Mike whined about the hills, but I really didn't think it was that hilly. However I do live on a killer hill so maybe that clouds my judgement, who knows. For those of you that are data hounds, you can see the run here.
When the run was done, we chatted with Colin a while and waited for them to deliver our medals. When that didn't pan out, we decided to move on with our plans for the day. Since it was right there in the same shopping center where the race took place, we headed over to Endurance House to check it out. I bought a new watch (a girly purple Ironman Timex ), some Yanks, and a new race number belt. I did find an awesome wetsuit, but somehow restrained myself from buying it - it was PINK for goodness sake, how perfect is THAT!!!?? It is going to be tough to resist going back for her.
(BTW, speakingof wetsuits - I have had at least 3 conversations in the last week about how everyone pees in their wetsuits when they swim in them, apparently to keep warm?? Eww... gross. I had absolutely no idea this was common practice, let alone something people would share openly....I glad that I had those conversations before considering buying a used one on eBay or renting one from somewhere to try it out. Can you imagine wearing someone elses toilet suit - gross.)
After my retail therapy session, we headed over to Olin- Turville Park to ride the Madison bike paths. We had the mt bikes with us so the ride was slower, but the scenery was great. I wanted to practice clipping into the MTB cleats so I am ready for Monday's Velo Club ride and will hopefully have a better night. Saw a lot of wildlife - turkeys, deer, sandhill cranes, other birds, and other little critters. as we started out, I was just fascinated by all the butterflies (little black ones with orange and white markings) that were EVERY WHERE. It was really cool, for a while anyway. Then they somehow became kamikaze butterflies. They were bouncing off my forehead, lodging into the vents of my helmet, flying into my jersey. Not nearly as cute as it was at first. And they HURT when they bounced off my head! If you are interested in the data, you can find it here.
While we were biking, I decided our bikes need names. I named Mike's mountain bike " Superbee" because of its yellow and blackpaint job, and his love of the old car. He decided to call it " Hemi" for short. I settled on "Veronica" for my mountain bike, mostly because it sounds like a really bitchy girls name and since she keeps throwing me off the bike every time I ride it, the name fits perfectly. I also decided that I would name the OCR road bike "Angelina" since when we are having a good riding day, I feel like some unmentionable parts of my body are a little puffy and swollen, kind of like Angelina Jolie's lips..........
Any suggestions for Mike's OCR? I am thinking maybe "Blackbeard"...... like the pirate......... ARGGG.
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