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Riding and Swimming

Posted May 23 2010 2:55pm
Today was fabulous.

I started my day with a 25 mile ride.  The original plan called for a 40 miler today, but I had some time constraints and other obligations that put a limit on my riding time (I had an hour and a half) so I got in what I could.

I rode a familiar loop that includes the River Road in Solon.  It is an gorgeous ride along the Kennebec River that has a few good climbs - the only downside of this route is the lack of shoulder (see photo).  The minimal vehicle traffic (there are a few cows sometimes) makes up for it, and I try to include this road on all of my weekend rides if I can.

I really didn't want to get off of my bike when my loop was done, but plan on spending quite a bit of time in the saddle until I can run again so I will get the ole motor (my legs) tuned up for my next race.  I have a killer route planned for next weekend, it includes an ice cream stop.

Later, I decided to go for my first open water swim of 2010.  It was...refreshing to say the least.  After my face stopped tingling and I began to feel my hands and feet, it wasn't so bad.  I swam for 30 minutes, I am not sure how far I swam though.  I can't even tell you how happy I was to have fresh Wyman Lake water in my face instead of chlorine.  The loons didn't swim with me today, but I know I will see them on one of my swims soon.

A man pulled into the boat launch with his son and when they walked out to look at the lake, I shouted, "Hi there!" at them.  The man looked at me, kind of waved, and then shook his head.  I heard him say something about someone being "F-ing crazy" (I don't think he meant me? HA!), and he and his son walked quickly to the truck and left.  It was pretty funny.

I was alone, (I took this picture with the timer!) and it was cold enough I didn't swim across, just back and forth along the shore.  This weekend, I have a swim buddy to go with me, so it is on!  

Before I take off and gear up for the LOST season final (yeah, I am one of those people!) I wanted to give a shout out to a few folks
- Jon at SwiCycloRun rocked the Harryman Sprimpic (Olympic) race on Saturday - check out his awesome race report here .  Congrats on a strong finish Jon, you are SO ready to attack the Mooseman HIM in a few weeks! WOOT!

- Maria at 2010 Brings Racine completed her year opening race today - Bluff Creek’s Olympic distance.  I was sending you all kinds of good mojo today, I hope it helped you get your goal time!

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