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Reviewed: 'Running on Faith - The Principles, Passion & Pursuit of a Winning Life'

Posted Feb 01 2011 10:17am

Jasonlester When I first picked up "Running on Faith - The Principles, Passion & Pursuit of a Winning Life", I didn't recognize Jason Lester, the author featured on the front cover. In the past few years, I've actually seen this guy at many triathlons, and always been blown away by the speed and fortitude of the man who was racing, but it wasn't until I was a few chapters in that I realized this was the same guy.

Maybe it's because the photo on the front cover of the book shows what appears to be an incredibly lean super athlete - because that's what Jason is. But his right arm is hidden behind him in the photo, and maybe that's why I didn't recognize him, because when I've seen Jason at races, his arm is taped to his body as he swims, propped against his bike handlebars, or tucked to his side as he runs.

You see, Jason's right arm is actually paralyzed from a severe bicycle accident that occurred when he was just twelve years old and struck by a speeding car. The injury left him with twenty broken bones and a setback that would discourage most young boys from ever pursuing extreme sports. But in "Running On Faith", Jason tells the incredible story of how he refused to let a crippling injury get in the way of his goal of becoming a professional athlete.

Over nine chapters, Jason describes the trials, horrors and obstacles he has faced in his journey of setting an endurance sports world record, winning an ESPY award, and becoming the first disabled athlete to complete the Ultraman, which is two back-to-back Ironman triathlons.

But rather than simply telling his inspirational story, Jason also teaches nine lessons in in the book, including how to build your "laboratory" or personal environment that allows you to succeed in your events, how to achieve above and beyond what you think may be possible, and how to never stop.

The appendices of "Running On Faith" include a study guide, an introduction to a vegan nutrition program for endurance athletes, an Ironman training plan from Jason's coach, and information about the Never Stop Foundation that Jason founded.

I was most surprised by a shocking development at the end of the ninth chapter that I found to be the most defining moment of the entire book. So if you want to be inspired, or you simply want to read a story of achieving against all odds, then Jason Lester's "Running On Faith" is worth a read.

"Running on Faith - The Principles, Passion & Pursuit of a Winning Life," is avaolable on HERE .


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