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Return to Weight Watchers

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:33pm
My weight is my biggest limiter to my athletic success (sometimes trumped by my lack of brain power like at Timberman but I've almost beaten that thought to death). Even with all of the training I've been doing, my weight has been bouncing around a small range for a while now so I decided I needed to do something to break this cycle.

I've had success on Weight Watcher's in the past and I realize I need a way to jump start my metabolism into losing weight mode again so I went to a meeting this morning. The scale said 258.2. Of course, this was with clothes on but the number was not completely unexpected.

I'm going to try to follow the program as closely as possible to get on track. I don't know why I feel a little like a failure for having to go back to WW but I do. The good news was that the scale was still lower than the last time I went to WW. I know shouldn't feel bad since I'm doing something about my problem and I hope that in a few weeks and months I'll look back at this day as an "on your left" on the road to success.
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