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Restless Legs

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:29pm
I go through some periods of sleeping really well, then having trouble sleeping, or getting to sleep. A couple of years ago when I was still recovering from surgery I really struggled getting to sleep. I was uncomfortable, and not physically tired...

I started noticing EVERYTHING. Sara (the dog) snoring. So loud sometimes I'd have to put her bed in the dog room (God forbid the dogs sleep in their room) because I couldn't stand the noise. I'd hear cars drive by. One of the most annoying things? Shane would twitch like every :20. NON-STOP. ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I'd just start to get to sleep, when sure enough his tourette like movements would sure enough wake me right back up.

I'd eventually wake him up to stop the twitching, only to be yelled at or receive a child like temper tantrum...

Little did I know his condition was contagious. Really... I thought it was just him, but now, now I am thoroughly convinced that this has moved on to everyone in this family.

Shane, me, Baxter, Abby & even Sara....

DuringIronman training Shane would end up waking ME up saying I was kicking him or twitching, or whatever.... Of course I wouldn't believe him, after all - he's the one with Touretts!

BUT, now, now we're experiencing a whole new situation. Shane is recovering from surgery. No activity = no tiredness = less running for dogs = crazy dogs = crazy Shane = Crazy DOG MOM!

What makes this worse? Me tapering for a race this weekend = less running = less cross-training = less dog & dog mom activity = RESTLESS LEGS!

I swear it's true. I've been laying on the couch at night, watching TV, drinking a glass of wine.. the usual :-).... and my legs just can't sit still. I'm rested. I'm bored. I'm ready to do this race & then get home so I can get back on my schedule.

The dogs are bored, especially with only one of us to run them lately. Abby is feeling better so she's reverting back to her puppyish ways.

Baxter has gotten into some great doggy-running shape & he is reverting back to puppy like ways. He's actually ACTING like a dog and playing with toys, antagonizing the other 2.... looking for trouble.

Guess he's bored too.

See what I mean. 2 crazy dogs + 2 crazy Ironman + not enough exercise = ONE RESTLESS HOUSEHOLD!

Did you know there is actually a "Restless Leg Syndrome"?

Check it out.... I think I can verify each and every symptom.....
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