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Rest, Rest, Rest

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
My sleeping patterns are back to normal. After a prolonged period of running high that kept me awake till 2 in the morning days in a row, I was able to finally crash yesterday. I had an amazing day of rest. What made it great is the hard work preceding it and the fact that it was scheduled. I wasn't just being lazy.

I keep track of my running progress in my planner. I put boxes, highlight them in yellow and then fill in the number of miles I plan to run/have actually run. I've added a yoga box, and a core box to keep track of all these other minor commitments. Similarly, I've also added a money box to remind myself to have a strong hold on this other part of my life. It feels like everything is falling in its place.

So far, I'm reveling in my success. I see progress, it makes me smile from ear to ear. Yet, it comes at a price of being an organization freak. How much control can I handle???? So much is not yet at a stage of habit, so it all requires special focused attention, and paying such attention to each part of my life can be quite draining.

I look forward to this weekend. I tempo 3 mile run on a track (I hope it's open), and a monster long run. Can't wait to do an update for this week ;)
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