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Reporting Exciting News from the Trenches of my Everyday Existence

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
Today started in a hurry. I woke up giving myself just a bit of time to get ready for work and had to run an errand before I got to the office. And getting out of the house and into the car seemed to be impossible. First, I realized that I forgot lunch. Then, it turned out my phone was still in my bed. And finally, oh, yes, my running shoes were not in my sports bag - can't go without those to the track after work! A sports bra, running shorts and shirt, and a cap just won't cut it. Even with all the sexy I've got to bring to the table (er, track?). HA!

Everything fell into place once I had a sip of coffee. Gah, when I'm in Austin, I become a coffee freak. For some reason, it's always too much to do here and not enough time. In San Diego - well, in San Diego, it's palm trees and constant sunshine... do I need to say more?

So, with coffee in my system, I woke up immediately and got excited about good things happening in my life. Not that I need coffee to see the positive, but it definitely helps in the morning after not getting enough sleep.

First of all, my husband is graduating with his MFA this Friday! I'm really proud of his accomplishment. Going for it, doing what you love, all without making any excuses, is quite a feat. I'm forever impressed and very happy for him.

Another huge thing I'm excited about is that, also this Friday, we'll officially pay off our car loan, and we'll begin a life without car payments! It's quite an accomplishment, in my opinion, simply because we've done it under three years and it frees up a big part of our income. This is a considerable step toward debt-less existence.

Well, sorta, in the next two months we'll accumulate some credit card debt, but that'll be at 0% APR for the next year and we should take care of it all by year end.

Overall, I feel this incredible sense of freedom and youth around us. These next couple of months in Austin will be really fun. Besides the two events mentioned above, we have a wedding to go to (I love weddings, but I had to miss a lot of them the last couple of years) and my husband's fraternity reunion to attend. Also... we are cooking up a "spontaneous" short trip to London for this August! And it also looks like the trip to Chilli, which was "spontaneously" planned this last winter, might actually happen this December.

Well, anywhooo, "something clever", "something funny".... Have a great day, ya'll!

UPDATE: And next weekend, my best friend comes to Austin! Awesome!
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