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Recovery Week?

Posted Apr 05 2013 2:14pm

I spent pretty much all week lying on my couch and trying to get over a cold that took hold of me on Monday.  Luckily for me this week was my Recovery Week!

I missed every single workout on my training plan (except for a 30 min easy spin on my trainer)…the good news though is that my muscles have definitely been able to rebuild.  At least that’s how I’m chosing to look at it!  So what if they atrophied along the way.  I missed 3 days of work and have seen more tv than I usually do in a whole year.

My main goals for the week where to keep the cold out of my lungs and get it done with ASAP!  So far so good.  I think I took every potion I could think of and many OTC meds too!  If I thought it would help I took it.  Unfortunately having the cold ment I had to postpone a trip to Cali to visit my mom  :(    I’m really bummed about that.

The weekend is upon me and I am going to gradually get back into some exercise.  Starting with a 30-40 min run after work…a swim Saturday…and ??  Hopefully I’ll be back at it on Monday.

It’s such a bummer as an athlete when we get sick.  It’s the time away from training that messes with us.  I am so grateful I got this thing when I was scheduled to rest and I didn’t end up missing any key workouts.  Now the trick will be to not push too hard too quick.  I sure don’t want any setbacks or have this thing linger any longer than it needs to.

I’ve got a race in four weeks…gulp!  And it’s going to be a hard one.

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