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Reclining and relaxing…

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:39pm
I took three full days off this week. No swimming, no biking, no running, no nothing. I didn’t even walk fast anywhere. I took up the sloth lifestyle for three days since I raced on Sunday and training starts up again on Monday. Full on training/racing that starts on Monday and won’t end until October. Just like last year. So in preparation for the upcoming yards and miles that I will be swimming and biking and running over the next several months I read a book during my lunch hour and I took to the recliner in the evenings. And that was nice…for three days, but I couldn’t quite pull the trigger for any down time longer than that. So I did get back out there and here’s how it went…

Thursday I went out at mid-day for a run and it felt like I hadn’t ever run before. The first run after a race always sucks and this one was no exception. The weather wasn’t too terrible except the wind was pretty gusty in places but since I was just running easy with no specific time goal or workout to nail it was all good.
Stats for Thursday’s run: 6.2-miles in 50:34 @ 8:09/m pace.

Today I was back out there and it was a very pleasant (READ: un-windy!) day. Except it was colder than it looked through the window and once I got outside I wished I’d worn my lined vest which was hanging comfortably back inside in a locker. And I also wished I had my gloves but all I could do was pull my sleeves down around my hands. I ran easy again and today felt much better than yesterday.
Stats for Friday’s run: 7.2-miles in 57:04 @ 7:55/m pace.

As mentioned, when training starts next week it will be non-stop until I cross the finish line next October in downtown Portland. Training starting next week is for the Eugene Marathon which takes place in early-May. There I will attempt to lower my current PR (currently 3:01:20, 6:56/m) and also get under that elusive three hour barrier. That training overlaps and leads into training for the Pacific Crest Half-Ironman Triathlon which takes place in late-June. There I will try to get as close to 5-hour as possible and if I can go under that would rock. Hopefully it won’t be 98* again this year like it was last year. Pac Crest training overlaps with and leads into training for the HulaMan Half-Ironman Triathlon which takes place in mid-August which takes place within a few miles of my home which is cool. There are many local tri-geeks at this one and it’s always nice to suffer with friends. And lastly, HulaMan training overlaps with and leads into training for the Portland Marathon which takes place in early-October.

After that race I’ll resume my seat on my recliner and enjoy some off time before I ramp it back up. But that ramp up will not overlap with anything as that training is all about Ironman Canada 2010.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend…
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