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Reckless Abandon - A Multisport Journey

Posted Aug 17 2010 5:39am

Yesterday, I emailed back and forth with Jeffrey, who is a reader of Midwest Multisport Life, The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog ], and Dangle the Carrot , among others. He was responding to a question I had on the post Patrick and I did together and it went from there. He mentioned that he had completed his first Ironman this year (see picture above - check out that time!). With an Ironman being one of my overarching goals, I asked the following: "I'm curious, after completing it, will you do more, scale back, or check it off the list and move on?" Here is his response, slightly edited
"Well, to be honest, heading into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve done one “open” marathon and it killed me. I vowed that, unless things changed for me dramatically, I would never do another open marathon. So, heading into Ironman training and then the actual race, I thought that it might be something that I needed to do and would never need/want to do again. When it was over, I was ready to sign up for my next race. I didn’t, as I wasn’t sure if it was just the adrenalin flowing, but I feel confident that I will. I’ve signed up to be a volunteer at IM Florida so that I can sign up for IMFL in November 2011.

January 2000 – second semester of my first senior year of college. The night before I left to go to Europe for my semester abroad, I weighed in at 299 pounds. I was drinking, smoking and eating with reckless abandon. I was a former Texas high school offensive lineman and after leaving high school, I didn’t understand that if I wasn’t careful, all of that mass would turn to blob…so, college was a tough time for me physically. Sure, I played club sports, but I was never “fit” at all.

So, Europe came and went and by sheer minor lifestyle changes and the fact that they bike everywhere, I came home six months later at 265. My senior year was good and I worked out a little more and by August 2001, I was a strong 235 – very strong. I was working out like I had always been taught – in the weight room.

Fast forward to October 2005 – I had made it through grad school and was working in NYC. On October 8, 2005, I got married at a chubby and less strong 245 lbs. By January, my new wife was suggesting that we get fit, together. We started eating better and I decided to join a gym. I had no inspiration at the gym, though. I met someone who talked about triathlon and I was intrigued. So, I signed up for my first race – a sprint triathlon in June 2006. By March/April of that year, I was a fit and somewhat lean 200 lbs. I did my first race in June (on my mountain bike, mind you) and completely fell in love. I did a sprint XTerra race in August (struggled through it), but was still in love.

By 2009, I had done a number of sprint, olys and my first HIM (Rev3). The day after the Rev3, I knew that I had to do more…I NEEDED to do an Ironman. Now that I’ve done it, I know that I want to do it again. I may not next year, but I know I will do it again. IM Florida looks like a great opportunity, but I just don’t know if I will be able to get in – hence me signing up to volunteer. If I don’t, we’ll see what happens. The HIM distance is a good one, so maybe I’ll do 2 or 3 next summer if I don’t get an IM on the schedule.

Today, I’m at a pretty fit 195 lbs (6’2”). I know that I have some serious work to do on my core if I want to get better (read faster). I still carry a decent paunch."

Wow! After reading that, I told Jeffrey that I wanted to share his story, unless he either wrote a blog or was willing to start one. Well, he did. Head over to Reckless Abandon - My Multisport Journey , become a follower, and welcome Jeffrey to our blogging community. He's going to be a great addition.
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