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Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:19pm
My training this week was good. I pretty much hit all of my workout targets. I'm feeling it too. Between the training and the heat, it's tough this time of year. This coming week will be mostly a tough one, but after Wednesday I'll probably start to ease back on the intensity and next week will be a rest week before Buffalo Springs.

Terrenzo Bozzone is on a hot streak. 3 1/2 IMs, 3 weekends, 2x1st, 1x2nd. He won this weekend in Kansas. McGlone and Lawn destroyed the women's field by over 15 minutes. I'm not sure who all will be at Lubbock. Luke Bell is on the list and is probably the favorite. Jo Lawn is on the women's list and is probably the favorite. But, it's racing and you never know what will happen.

Heard that United, US Air, and American are all charging for your first checked bag, something like $15 or $20. They've all bumped up the charges for bikes too...oversize and overweight. Here's an idea. Put the passenger and their bags on a scale. Give different weight limits for different heights: 5'0" - 5'5" get one weight allownace, 5'5" - 6'0" get another, etc. If you're over your weight allowance for yourself and your bags, you pay. Regardless of the size of luggage. That'll make people think about what they are taking. Yeah, it's not going to be popular, but it's time for something different.

We had a 500 year or 100 year flood in Angleton in 1992. It was crazy and a bit scary seeing water circle the backyard, and then the house. We were lucky. We had about 2" to spare. Several of my friends were not so lucky. The people in Iowa are not so lucky. The US Olympic Trials race may be a duathlon since it is in Des Moines. That means that it won't count and Sarah Haskins and Andy Potts will get the third slots. Thanks Matt Reed for securing that third spot for the men.

Prayers go out to the folks in Iowa.

Also related to Iowa, the Mid-West, and $$. Heard that corn, soybean, and wheat prices will increase because of the flooding. Any idea how much corn, soybeans, and wheat PEOPLE actually consume?! I think that the actual number for corn and/or soy is around 10% of all the crops grown. The remainder goes to animal feed...primarily for feedlots. Here's an idea...feed some of that to people instead of cows and we'll have healthier meat (corn changes the fat profiles of meat since cows were meant to eat grass) and in turn healthier people...another post entirely. Actually, if real vegetables were grown on that land (corn, soybeans, and wheat are NOT vegetables) the farmers would probably make more $$, the land would not be as abused, and people would probably be healthier.

Signing off for the evening. If you can't tell a couple of those 'news' items hit a nerve.
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