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Random musings

Posted Dec 12 2008 7:07pm

I have been waiting since yesterday for my labs, its the post I have been waiting to write. It's there but unreviewed, therefore unfaxed. In the meantime I been distracting myself with news and pop culture. Here are a few of my thoughts>

  • You probably know that today is May-Day, its been all over the morning news. Historically a day that workers internationally celebrated the steps taken to provide for their care and safety. It began in the United States and its most significant step is one of its first, the eight-hour work day. Later the Soviet Union and other communist countries took the day as a reason to show off its tanks and missiles and military. In this new millennium anarchists have taken it as a normal work day of demonstrations against government and riot against business.
  • Did you also know today is the National Day of Prayer? The first Thursday of May is designated as such. Bet you won't see that on the local or national news.
  • Life has been a bit chaotic lately and I had stacks of clothes to finally put away. My drawer holding all my workout clothes couldn't be closed. Everything was clean. That coupled with packing for Mexico, going to a race I am not doing, it bummed me out a little bit. More than a little bit. I've had to make a lot of changes in my life in the last few weeks, the mental ones harder than the physical one. Its a process.
  • Locally a teacher got pregnant having sex with a 14 year old student and only got three months in jail. I don't get that.
  • This week Border Patrol agents along the Arizona-Mexico border have been given new personal carry weapons to fight against illegal immigration. Paint ball guns. This is what they are to use when attacked at the border.
  • Is anyone surprised Annie Leibovitz is the photographer of the scandalous Miley Cyrus photo for Vogue? Isn't it her thing to take controversial photos of celebrities that garner attention?
  • I believe in second chances, sometimes even thirds. I don't understand the pop culture phenomenon of celebrating people like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain and more recently Ami Winehouse. I don't see the appeal of glamorizing or creating celebrity of drug addicts. What is to celebrate about singers and actresses who are caught on tape or die smoking crack or shooting heroin. That being said, I applaud people like Robert Downey Jr. who turned his life around and will have one of the biggest movies of the year.
I don't know, just a bunch of thoughts running through my head. Hopefully today a set of results to report on.
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