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Ramos three popular quad-core tablet review

Posted Apr 29 2013 7:47am

Ramos W17pro V3.0 is positioned the entry quad-core Tablet PC, it also uses Actions owl quad-core processor, with 1GB DDR3 memory and the latest Android 4.1 system, the user can bring more smooth running experience. Ramos W17 Pro V3.0 body pure white plastic material. The body is simple, stylish, thin, also reached the mainstream level, easy to carry. Quad-core the processor with FLISH video and HTML5 web the hardware decoding optimization and 1080P video decoding capabilities, with a resolution of 1024 × 600 7-inch display, 1GB DDR3 high-speed memory.

The Ramos W27pro Tablet PC the same strong performance, ultra-low power consumption Actions Owl OWL family of processors, including quad-core ARM processor, internal bandwidth of up to a 128-bit, MPE media processing engine, and structure of ThumbEE instruction; in the GPU architecture, the original 4 3D GPU core with a dedicated 2D GPU parallel combination of running, be able to take full advantage of the bandwidth advantage, with 1GB DDR3 high speed RAM, Android 4.1 system provides sufficient computing power for.

Ramos W27 Pro built-in the FLASH hardware solution technology, online video player loads faster, coupled with the simultaneous development of the GPU page rendering technology, web browsing and more smooth. In addition, the Ramos W27 also built powerful hardware solution called software player, including support for subtitles, support almost all 1080P HD video playback, but also to meet the entertainment needs of users.

Ramos W30 Tablet PC equipped Samsung Exynos4412 quad-core processor, the maximum frequency up to 1.4GHz, its built-in 1GB of RAM and the latest Android 4.0 system, super-configuration, the machine can support 1080p HD video playback, large-scale 3D game play smoothly turn.

Ramos W30 panel white, ultra-narrow frame design, corner rounded out portable fashion. Fuselage with aluminum-magnesium alloy, high hardness material to protect the internal parts, the cooling effect is good, can ensure the machine running stable and smooth. The surface of the body back shell silver metallic paint treatment, excellent texture and comfortable non-slip. Ramos W30HD Tablet PC positive configured Chi Mei, a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution IPS screen panel, the aspect ratio of 16:10, the delicate wide viewing angle, whether it is to read books, watch high-definition video or playing 3D games, you can obtain better visual experience.

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