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Race Week!

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:39pm
Sunday is the annual Oregon Road Runners Club New Year’s race in Forest Grove near my home. This will be my 9th straight running of this race and the interesting thing about it is that you are guaranteed a PR because each year it gets a little bit longer to commemorate the New Year. So this year’s race will be 20.09K in length or 12.46-miles and hopefully we don’t have the cold, wind, snow, and rain that we had last year!

But in lead up to the race I’ve been getting in some workouts during the holidays to help negate all the holiday calories of late! So here are my recaps…

Wednesday the 24th I had yet another indoor dreadmill run due to the never-ending snow/ice we’ve had of late. I also hit the pool for the first time in weeks and worked on form.
Stats for Wednesday’s run: 6.2-miles in 46:51 @ 7:33/m pace.
Stats for Wednesday’s swim: 1,000-yards in 19:08 (22:08 w/rest) 4x250 w/1-min rests.

Friday was the pretty much the same as Wednesday with a treadmill session and pool splashing.
Stats for Friday’s run: 6.2-miles in 44:39 @ 7:12/m pace.
Stats for Friday’s swim: 1,500-yards in 29:49 (31:49/w rest) 5x300 w/30-sec rests.

Saturday was another dreaded treadmill long-run, only this time it wasn’t quite so long. I kept the pace steady and got it done. I also climbed on the bike trainer for a spin-session of high-cadence drills.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 10-miles in 1:13:00 @ 7:17/m pace.
Stats for Saturday’s bike: 16.6-miles in 1-hour.

Monday I actually got to run outdoors for the first time in two weeks and it was glorious! Even though it was in the mid-30’s and dumping rain it was great being outside again. I hit the track for a bit of speedwork, too. Later that day I climbed on the bike again for a bit longer session since I missed one during the weekend.
Stats for Monday’s run: 4-miles in 28:47 @ 7:11/m pace.
1mWu = 7:27
6x400 w/100-recovery: 1:31, 1:33, 1:32, 1:32, 1:34, & 1:31
1.2mCD = 9:30
Stats for Monday’s bike: 35.6-miles in 2-hours @ 17.7-mph

Tuesday was easy run day and again it was great to be outside and this time no rain! I then hit the pool for some form work.
Stats for Tuesday’s run: 6.2-miles in 46:38 @ 7:31/m pace.
Stats for Tuesday’s swim: 1,500-yards in 29:06 (31:06 w/rest) 5x300 w/30-sec rests.

And lastly, today was a short run for a bit more speedwork to prep for Sunday’s race. Short, sweet, and wet was this run!
Stats for Wednesday’s run: 3.3-miles in 23:48 @ 7:12/m pace.
1mWU = 7:34
2x400 w/200-rec: 1:31 & 1:29
2x200 w/100-rec: :40 & :45
1.2mCD = 9:13

Now I’ll take it easy and rest for the race on Sunday where each year even though it gets a bit longer in distance I try to run it faster than the previous year. I love those challenges!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you!

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