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Race Report! REV3 Old Orchard Beach, Maine! Remember the waves!!! And I'm not talking about the Ocean!

Posted Aug 28 2012 6:54pm

Rev3 came to Maine last weekend and we had a superb day for the big race.  Look at this photo....

 You can't beat it!  This  gorgeous sunrise on the beach was taken at the start of our race. Maine truly is the best place to live.

My day started in another awesome location... our little secret island on the lake.  There's Tommy on the dock.. you can see a glimpse of our camp up the stairs.  ( just a random note, those stairs are NOT so fun post- race or post-workout for that matter. ouch) Anyway.. I'm mentioning this because on our lovely little island hideaway, we live without electricity.
Don't worry... we have lights. But they aren't bright and there aren't many. When it's dark, it's dark. My day started at 3:20 a.m. Yup... that might be a record for race day start even with my Ironman races. The first wave went off at 6:15 so we had to get movin' nice and early. Ouch. The fun part wasn't just getting myself out the door with 1 dim gas lamp it was Boating my way across the lake on this big old party boat!! ( that's Mark and my Mom some other day.. in the light!) It was pitch black, I had a flash light and a little lantern and off I went. I know my way, I know where the other boats are moored, but docking was a disaster. It took me 4-5 attempts with lots of swearing ('s only 3:45 a.m.....) and frustration wishing I had just made Mark drive me over and dump me off on the dock. Oh well.. I made it eventually.  Now on with the race. ( I was just pretty proud of myself for making it out of there that way and that early!)

 I was pretty excited to race on Sunday. It had been a long time. I raced a small race in July here in the town I live in. It was fun but it was small. Rev3 drew a huge crowd and the field was potentially full of great competition. I had Tons of friends racing and we had Lots of TriMoxie Athletes on the course too. The day was pretty exciting actually.  To see a production set up like that here in Maine was great. Finally!!  The pro field was deep too. Karen Smyers, Becky Lavalle, and our own Mike Ciazzo were just a few that were there.  The Half Ironman ( ok, It's not IRONman because it was Rev3 but you know what I mean... ) race went first.  Their waves were earrrrrly. I watched and warmed up in the WARM ocean. Yes, warm. Maine waters are warm right now and the temp was about 68. Lovely. That may not sound warm but trust me, it is for us!! It felt great. The sea was calm and clear and the sun was rising. Perfect. My parents were there, my brother's kids, my best buds Mary & Alina and while Mark & my guys couldn't make it ( soccer) I was not alone.

Finally.. My turn! I was nervous and yet in control. I was ready to get out there and fight for it. To race hard and see how my fitness is shaping up. I'm gearing up for Vegas in two weeks and this race was all about moving fast & staying sharp.

I lined up at the edge of the water with men around me ( mixed wave) and OFF we went. I dove 3x into the small waves, climbed up and over a few swells.
I felt strong and comfortable. I pushed hard and yet stayed in control. ( kind of need to work on NOT staying in control on this... I need to swim with others more... not sure how..)  I saw 1 girl take off next to me. Hmm.. who is this? I worked to stay on her feet and did stay pretty close but she was ahead. I was ok with it because I could see her the whole way...she was close. And, I felt confident about my bike and run. The race was just beginning.
Into the shore and a wave flipped me in and pushed me onto the sand. It was fun actually. I love the ocean.
Up the beach, I tried to smile as my name was cheered but I was admittedly a bit disoriented and dizzy from the ocean.
The run to T1 was LONG! I hated it. It was Hot already and with the wetsuit at my waist, I was miserable. It measured 1/2 mile someone told me. Not sure if that was true but it was long. The hardest part was running on the road that far in barefeet. It was hard on the feet...
into T1 There she is! I knew she was close. I was in and out of transition fast, struggled with my shoes ( still perfecting the flying mount haha) and off I went. Eh.. I felt okaaay... but not great.  We were climbing up a mellow long gradual hill and I was semi-ticked because people raved about the Flat fast nature of this course. Nope. It wasn't flat. I lost sight of girl #1 and lost my umph to go after her. Temporarily.  I rode and rode and pushed as hard as I could but... I was alone. totally 100% by myself alone. Ick. It didn't feel like a race.  Eventually, a few super fast guys flew by. Oh yay! IT's a race! I'm racing!!! And then, they were gone too.  Ladedadeda.....
No.. I didn't really act like that. I was working  my tail off but I really did have to keep telling myself it was a race since I didn't see a single sole for about 14 miles.

The course did a lollipop so finally I was heading back to town and passing the others coming in my direction.  It was fun to look for my TriMoxie athletes racing.. I saw a few and yelled! I hit town, was feeling fast and excited to run and see what was next.

OFF to run! My favorite part! I felt good heading out of T2.  The best part? I found her. She was rightttt up ahead. 
I'm going to say.... 400 yards? I'm not sure but she was in my target range.  

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