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Race Report: Heatwave Classic Triathlon

Posted Jun 16 2010 3:10pm
Okay. I am doing this all out of order.

I really wanted to post a nice, expressive, inspiring story about my experience with the Tri 101 group and their first ever super sprint triathlon. I even have some cool photos. However, I actually have to be at my home computer to do that, and as I am always cooling my heels in front of my work computer (ssshhh...don't tell) or working out these days, I have not had the opportunity.

Soon. I promise.

In the meantime, so I don't get terribly behind on all the wonderful, interesting things I must share, here is my race report from the Heatwave triathlon on June 5.

Executive Summary

Let's not worry ourselves about times. Suffice to say that I finished a little less than 1 minute slower than last year and was 4th in my age group (3rd was a full 19 minutes faster than danger of catching her at any point during the day). I was not entirely happy with my performance (which is funny, because last year, I was very happy with it, and it was pretty close to the same this time...a whole different set of expectations this year). And I had been rather pouty the last several weeks before the race (just ask Debi ). Mostly mad at my ever-diminishing swim capabilities. So, I went into my first tri of the season with a rather crappy attitude.


The only good thing was the debut of my beautiful "new" bike .

1/2 Mile Swim: Crappy

There was a bit of a chop on the reservoir making it pretty hard to see the buoys (of which I always insist there are not enough...just one more each on the way out and the way back would be a huge help). Plus, the green turn buoys were kinda' hard to make out agains the grey sky and murky, green water. I kept popping up to ascertain where I was and even threw in a few breast strokes. If I would just trust that I actually swim in a fairly straight line, and quit sighting so often, I would probably go a bit faster.


(When I looked back at last year's times, though, it turns out I was something like 10 seconds faster this year. Huh.)

T1: Discombobulated

I was a little off balance coming out of the water and ended up doing my transition out of order. Did not even attempt to dry my feet because I just forgot. It felt slow, and it was slow.

24.5 Mile Bike: The only good part

This bike ride is fun. It's almost completely flat out-and-back on mostly smooth roads. For the way out, we had a tailwind. Woo-hoo. The return trip...not so much. It really wasn't that bad. Just slower than it felt. A few cross gusts did make me glad I took the disc off. I rolled in about 1 minute slower than last year, but there was no wind last year. And I heard that the fastest dudes were approximately 2 minutes slower than last year, so that means I was actually faster than last year. Right?

(That's known as "KayVee logic.")

T2: Less than a minute

And if you know me, that's smoking.

10k Run: Lackidasical

Started off okay, but ended up settling into a "comfy" pace that I never pushed myself out of. The run is primarily on a multi-use trail, and the first half is mostly uphill. Which means, I should hammer the second half. Or, so I told myself. Myself replied, "Meh, I don't wanna'." So, run was maybe 30 seconds slower than last year (but the turnaround was sooner, so it was shorter, too).

I do love this race. It's literally 5 minutes from my house, and all of my friends race. The course is great (except for the nasty reservoir swim,  but it's short). It is one of the best organized events around, has the best food (parmesan-crusted tilapia, among other delectables), and we have a great post-race party at a friend's house that night.

Anyway, the first race of the season is done, and I will try to stop being such a cranky pants. I have a little over a month to adjust my attitude and get ready for to really race the next tri...another fave... Heart O' Dixie at the Neshoba County Fair .

Can you say fried pickles?


Although my race may not have been all that, Billunit , who I have been helping with training, had a 5-minute PR. Go, Bill, go!

Last week's totals
Swim: 2:55 (7200 yards)
Bike: 4:10 (71.69 miles)
Run: 3:35:23 (20.44 miles)
Total: 10:40:23
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