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Posted Aug 28 2009 8:20pm
Respect. I'm not talking about on the race course or in the racing scene. I'm talking about good old fashioned respect for your fellow man. Plain and simple, I'm talking a little bit about manners.

Who says this blog has to be just about training.

Yesterday I was sitting in my truck outside of choice for a sandwhich when I don't bring a lunch to work or have lunch with friends once a week. A car pulls up next to me and the passenger gets out and lets his car door slam into the side of the truck. Did he look suprised and mouth "I'm sorry" because I was in the truck and just stared at him? Or was he genuinely sorry?

I think that it's because I was sitting right there. I'm not suprised, but the days of "yes ma'am and yes sir" seem to be over in America. It's every person for theirself. AllBilly will like this post. You can bet that I'm going to take a page from my childhood and try to instill in my kids a little bit of respect for others.

Triathlon post later.
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