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Posted Aug 28 2009 8:21pm
Life with a four year old, well at least with my four year old, is rife with questions.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

All day long.

Don't get me wrong. I love the inquisitiveness. I applaud it, Ella. But, man, sometimes I just don't know the answer. Or I do, but you shouldn't.

A few recent examples...

When are you going to die, Mommy? (OMG. How DO you answer this??? I fumbled my way through a "very, very long time from now when everyone is really, really old" kind of answer.)

Do babies come out of your fanny? (Hmmm....where do YOU think they come from, E? Close...)

How a baby get in your tummy, Mommy? (Seriously, seriously...YOU'RE 4!! I thought I had way more time to come up with something for this one.)

Why does Alice throw her food on the floor? (Me: you know, E. I don't know why!) Ella - When her two, and can talk, I gonna ask her.

Who going to carry me to heaven when I die? God, Jesus or Mary? I want Mary 'cause I not shy of her 'cause her a mommy. (I couldn't really even touch this one. Just agreed with her that Mary does seem really nice.)

Wow. She's going to wear me out. Then make me cry.

"C'mere! I want to ask you about life, death, religion and birth! Okay???"

Aside from E's endless barrage of questions. I have a ton about my next race floating around in my head lately. USAT Nats is in 2 weeks. Has me wondering...

Am I going to finish dead last in this race? (I am more than a little intimidated by this "you had to qualify to even register for the race" race.) Jen assured me that I won't be last. Phew.

Is all this hard (seriously HARD!) work that Jen's been throwing on Training Peaks for me going to make me faster? Faster than my last Oly in Chattanooga? Faster than at least one girl in the 30-34 AG? Faster than a speeding bullet?

Am I going to be fine with going away for the night while I race solo and Mike and the girls stay home? I just keep repeating to myself "it's less than 24 hours, less than 24 hours..."
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