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Posted Apr 16 2009 11:40pm
Hi everyone....
Its been nearly 2 weeks since the 50 K and I am checking out more and more races in the trail running community.
I am also the proud owner of two purple toe-nails. I figured you only needed to see one foot. Imagine the other foot and a twin. However I have many interesting events to think of entering. This week, I set an easy goal of 25 trail miles and am more than halfway there. I did have a minor issue with my patella tendon in my right knee and am taking precautions. However, its an exciting time to think of the goals I can set and just what type of endurance events to tackle.

Matt suggested a 4 mile swim in Lake Erie this summer and I am thinking about that. I will have as a base this season, 2-3 Olympic distance triathlons, and perhaps 2 sprints. I think, since I am getting into the longer trail running...the ultra's....... I will not tackle a half Ironman this year . I reserve the right to jump back into the Longer triathlon mode. My most recent Ironman was 7 years ago and so I really need to get back to one. But, I have to be honest, the trail running is just an incredible elixir. Its magical in many ways. The past 2 days I did 6 mile trail runs..each one with about 2500 feet elevation climb and, while I was worried about the knee, I easily got into a zone and just ran..and climbed...and descended the hills or rocks etc..

Heres a little pic from one of the trails. I wrote on Facebook, that nothing clears the mind like a trail run, and I meant it. The process of running on the roads or on a community paved multipurpose trail doesn't mend the soul, the way a trail run does. My son, Patrick is training hard for his own way to celebrate his 30th birthday. He is going to run from Chardon to Cleveland and end up at his apartment in Ohio City. He mapped it out (30 miles, of course) and is psyched. I figure I will run 10 miles or so with him.

Work is getting busy with the Indians season underway and the Cavs beginning the playoffs on Saturday. Lots of practices to go to or games to cover. The Browns schedule came out and one date, I was hoping that would be free is October 25th. I wanted to enter the double-marathon on trails called "Run with Scissors". However that date is a home Browns game on Fox and so we will be doing some specials. Forget that one.!!! I do, however think sometime this year I will attempt a 50 miler.

Heres an example about how you have to think twice before speaking. I have to commend our anchorman Lou tonight. I was finishing up and being told in my ear how much time I had. I told the producer that I would kill S-7. S-7 happened to be slugged " John Madden Retires". The producer said in Lou's ear..."John Madden is dead". Then as Lou was hearing that, I could see the wheels turning. He almost blurted out something about Madden. Bless Lou for pausing and using his head. It could have been embarrassing.

Enjoy your training and racing. Good luck to the Boston Marathon runners.
Life's a Blast.
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