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Progression of an Arm Injury

Posted Jan 09 2013 6:45am
Progression of an Arm Injury

Something I had feared finally happened -- I injured myself doing CrossFit. Last week, we completed a WOD that, on the surface, seemed simple enough: 3 rounds of runs, dumbbell push presses, and ring rows. This was preceded by back squats -- of the 4 activities, I had only run before, so I was excited to try all these new things.

I'm always sore after CrossFit, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it's a given. I'm pushing my body to do things I haven't done for years or ever, and strength training has never been my forte, it's the reason I started. The soreness Friday was no different than usual, I even went for a run Saturday. By Sunday, I knew there was more going on, barely slept and my tricep was actively was hurting.
I was loath to take pain relievers, but Sunday night I also wanted to sleep better, so the ibuprofen came out, and has continued, so far without end. Watching the Baltimore Ravens play in the NFL Playoffs was worrisome, as Ray Lewis was coming back after a multi-month rehab for tearing his tricep -- my imagination was running wild! The swelling and soreness has abated each day, though a short (half-day) soreness of the forearm and then a swelling and redness of the pectoral muscle made me worried I was actually regressing.
It's been somewhat disconcerting to be sitting on the sidelines, waiting to get better, but, as I've gotten older, I've become wiser and more patient in allowing my body to fully recover when it needs to. Even though I want to, I'm not going to rush back before it's time.
Probably the best thing that has happened because of this is I have realized how much I miss heading for the Box, learning new skills, pushing myself to new limits, and making my weaknesses less so. It'll be good to go back.
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