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Pro triathlete Matty Reed sparks intense debate by selecting banned cyclist Tyler Hamilton as his bike coach

Posted Apr 09 2010 8:32am

Mattreed You can't argue with the facts.

Boulder, Colorado based triathlete Matty Reed is one of the most successful professional triathletes in the biz.

The same can be said for Boulder based Olympian and former Tour de France star rider Tyler from a purely professional point of view this could be a highly success coaching partnerships...except for one small detail.

Tyler Hamilton, as you may recall from THIS story, is serving an 8-year ban (effectively a lifetime ban) from pro cycling for numerous positive test for banned performance enhancing drugs.

Hamilton, said he tested positive for testosterone earlier this year when he announced his retirement from professional cycling. The former Rock Racing rider said he had taken DHEA as self-medication for depression.

The positive test was Tyler's second infraction as he also tested positive for blood doping at the 2004 Olympic games.

So when word got out that Matty Reed had decided to use Hamilton as his bike coach many eyebrows were raised and hard questioned asked of the Olympic triathlete.

Most pointedly...why was Reed using the coaching services of a banned (and some would argue disgraced doping cyclist) to help him achieve greater bike speed. 

Hamilton For instance on jackmott perhaps summed up the feeling of many triathletes when he wrote about Hamilton:

"yeah he knows how to cheat at cycling and screw honest athletes out of money and careers. I cannot support that or anyone who would support that. if matt believes tyler is not guilty that is one thing, otherwise. not a fan. sorry dude."

For his part Reed responded to the negative comments by writing:

"Have I lost my mind?? let's see.... uhm no

have been running with runners the last 2 years and have seen a big jump in my running. I have been riding with cyclists for years and it seems to work. Kelly my coach and I have decided that Tyler's background in time trialing both 40km and 200km and his knowledge of crit racing is exactly the type of knowledge I need at this point in my career. "


"YES, Jack MOTT. I believe tyler is not guilty of cheating.

We all have our reasons for what we believe. I believe him. I am working with him for cycling workouts. He knows cycling. He knows it well. I believe his knowledge of cycling is what i need in my program. As I said before, I am a grown adult. I do not in any way support cheating. And again, I do believe Tyler is innocent."

What are your thoughts. Please leave us a comment below. Should Matty Reed use Tyler Hamilton as his cycling coach?

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