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Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend

Posted Mar 08 2010 7:33am
Not remembering I could pick up my packet on Saturday after the girls' race (and thinking that the girls' race was in a different location from packet pick up), I went down to ESPN Wide World of Sports for packet pick up.  On the way down and back, I practiced for my seminar while driving.  A whole highway of people learning about merger filings. Ahhh.

I didn't realize how big of a complex they had down there... it's quite something.  Fields, a Braves Spring Training Game, some sort of dance and lacrosse competitions, and the Princess 1/2 Expo and Packet Pickup.  One little bone to pick with the Disney group - the only cute running jacket that was not pink and had a hot pink logo only in size small?  I know the stereotype of female runners is small and petite, but not every female runner is 5'3" and 100 pounds.  I ended up buying a cute t-shirt that was pink (like everything else) that has in purple the symbol for peace, love and then a 13.1 with a princess crown.  Oh and I got the girls' packets and mine, said Hi at the TNT table, and then wandered out.

The girls race.  Before the race started, we got there and parked and got to the field.  The Disney edict was be there by 9:45 am or you don't get to race.  So I was a little stressed.  I get stressed about getting the airport and getting to races, but we got there just fine.  The girls used the potty and we hit the field where we danced with the group lead stuff until right before we had to go to the race start.  Angelfish was into the whole thing for 90% of the time... right up until we had to wait for the race and then she started trying to yank off her race number and all sorts of craziness.  Ladybug on the other hand was not into the dancing at all until they played the theme song from "Rocky" and she looked up at me and said "is this the race song?"  I told her yes (because at this point, I just wanted her to be a little bit happy instead of sullen), and she started dancing like a mad little thing.  She waited patiently for the race after that and everything.

I was a bit annoyed with Disney because, well, those princesses that we were promised were no where in sight at the Kids' Race.  In fact, there were no characters anywhere at the kids races.  Hello? Who loves that stuff? KIDS.  Ladybug even asked after the race, where were the princesses?  I told her I didn't know and that I was disappointed too, and she said "I bet they had to go meet the princes or something."

But the race, after seeing the 1 mile racers finish (and I of course pointed out all the girls running and how they were beating some of the boys), they lined us all up and the girls were excited.  Angelfish asked me to run with them and while I should have predicted it, I was in jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and shoes that at least were not too bad to run in.  It was only 100m, so I could have probably run in heels if I had been silly enough to wear them.  The girls were in the 2nd heat and Mr. Darcy told them not to run too fast because he didn't want them to fall.  I, on the other hand, wanted them to run like they wanted to run. 

Finally it was our turn and we were running and I was running slow to keep up with them and realized they were running slow to keep up to me and told them - run as fast as you want girls and they took off in a flash.  Those kids are FAST! And left their Mommy in the dust.

After crossing the finish line and getting their medals, Angelfish told me (in a very excited way) "That was fun!  I want to do it again!"  And then remembering that I had their race t-shirts in my purse (they said "I did it!" on the back, so in good superstitious fashion I wouldn't let them wear the shirts before finishing the race), she asked if she could wear her race shirt and her medal.

At this point, I am still planning on going to Boston to teach my work seminar but depending on her condition will depend on whether I skip my visit with my best friend and go elsewhere.  These things never happen at the easiest of times, but then when is there really a good time for things like these?

The whole thing really re-emphasized for me why I do what I do... not only do I love the tri stuff and now even the 1/2 marathon races and training, but I also do it because my genetics are not the greatest and I want to choose the healthiest route so I can be here a long time and see my girls have their own babies and lives and enjoy life the best I can.

I am a little stiff and ironically the sorest place is the part of my leg where it meets the back of my butt and then a little on the left hip/IT.  The Trigger Point set makes me cry to use it, but I feel so good afterwards that it's worth the pain.

A bit like my race.  A shiny medal, 13.1 miles down, and a great feeling of accomplishment.  Mr. Darcy telling me last night before bed he was proud of me for doing my race. Definitely worth a bit of pain.
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