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Prescription Sunglasses

Posted Apr 24 2013 10:00am
I don't wear prescription glasses, but Laima and The Little Worker do, so I definitely keep an eye out for innovations that could help them. Laima especially has a more difficult time, as The Little Worker has photochromic glasses, while Laima switches back and forth, sometimes wearing contacts with her sunglasses. When ADS Sports Eyewear approached me about sponsoring some posts and having Laima testing out a pair (and ski goggles next winter), I jumped at the chance. Here's what ADS shared with us:

" Prescription Running Sunglasses are now available with new free-form digitally surfaced lenses that give patients the best optics possible in wrapped sports sunglasses, even those with higher than average prescription powers. Free-form surfacing is the most important improvement in lens technology we have ever seen. This is proving to be most significant for athletes who require optical clarity and depth perception to compete safely.

Wrapped sports sunglasses provide better UV protection than the flatter frames that most people wear as everyday eyewear. Until recently, prescription lenses made for these wrapped frames would create a “fishbowl effect” that made these sports prescription lenses almost unusable. The new free-form digital technology fixes this problem by recalculating the prescription at every point on the back of a lens. This provides a clear field of vision throughout the entire lens with absolutely no “fishbowl” distortion. Free-form lenses are custom edged to fit into almost any pair of sunglasses or sports eyewear on the market.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses use a proprietary free-form design to meet the specific needs of cyclists who only require a small reading area to read their instruments. This customized Oakley progressive design meets the needs of cyclists by adjusting the size of the mid-distance corridor in the lens. This sports-specific progressive design is customizable for three different sports. Golf, fishing and cycling designs are available from Oakley. These lenses have expanded near-vision sections that provide focus for the address of a golf ball, baiting a hook in close, or mid-distance to see biking computers.

ADS Sports Eyewear is optician owned and operated and has specialized in prescription sports eyewear for over 10 years. The ADS Sports Eyewear staff not only understands sports eyewear, they also test and approve products and lens designs before recommending them to anyone. Thousands of sports sunglasses are available on the ADS Sports Eyewear web site, ."

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