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Pre-Weekend...Sponorship Update

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:21pm
Well, another week has essentially come and gone. I've finally got a bit of time to breathe here at work, but hopefully things will pick up sooner rather than later. I've got several things to's just that after a big concentrated push, it's nice to just relax a little bit.

Sunday I'm running the Austin Runners Club Decker Challenge. It's a hilly 20k loop. I'm not in racing mode, still working on the aerobic base with just a tad of turnover work each week. The goal for the race has changed over the past weeks. I was going to try to hold 5:50 or better for the race initially. In looking at where I am in the season and what I'm trying to accomplish in May, I've decided to be a little bit less ambitious with the race. I'm going to take the first 2 miles easier at 6:20 or so. After that, I'l bring it down for the last 10 miles. I don't know where I'll end up, but I'll post up on Sunday.

In other racing news, I've got some sponsorship stuff pending still. I did hear back from Fuji Bikes. They have made me a pretty good offer, but I think that between me and Austin Tri-Cyclist, we can improve on it a bit. To me, Fuji is a really under rated company. They have a full range of bikes that are spec'd nicely and look really good. They have high end road stuff, pretty good mountain bikes, a couple of really nice cyclocross bikes, track bikes, and a couple of basic triathlon models. A lot of their bikes don't have all of the bells and whistles that some of the other brands have. They also aren't as 'sexy' since they don't seem to spend a great deal on marketing. So, I'm waiting on another brand or two...but you might see me riding Fuji next season.

More news after the run on Sunday.
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