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Pre-Race Thoughts: Ironman Mooseman 70.3

Posted Jun 03 2010 11:28am
Posted by Brandon on Jun 3, 2010 |

This Sunday, June 6, 2010, I will be racing in Ironman Mooseman 70.3 in New Hampshire. While I have done a full Ironman , this marks the first ever half-iron distance race that I will do. I had hoped to have a weeks worth of daily update videos, but with work, training and life getting in the way sometimes, you have to let it go. So, I’m writing this as a prelude to Sunday’s race. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I get closer but, four days out, this is what I’m thinking:

Swim: For about the past three weeks, I’ve been having trouble with my neck. It began as a nagging thing on the right side near the rear, base of my skull. I made sure to not stress that part of my neck and then, as soon as it began to feel a bit better, I slept oddly and woke up with significant pain on the left side of my neck, this time radiating down into my trapezius . The real problem with both of these pains is that they have hampered my swimming. That being said (and without any amount of arrogance) what is slow for me, is really fast for most triathletes. That knowledge, however, does not assuage my personal expectations. Also, the water temperature for this weekend’s race is a whopping 69° Fahrenheit, but I’m thinking that may actually hold off some of the neck issues long enough to get it done.

T1: Believe it or not, I’m still undecided on what helmet to wear. The weather on Sunday is calling for 72° Fahrenheit and a chance of a shower. The heat, which would usually be the cause for concern in my helmet choice, isn’t a factor (I’ll explain in a second). It’s the fact that my neck could (it hasn’t in my training) begin to bother me, and if I’m wearing my aero helmet, it could actually impede my position. The helmets I have to choose from are:

Specialized Propero


Giro Advantage 2

Bike: One thing I kind of regret is that I haven’t done much training with other people in a group setting. It isn’t so much that I don’t enjoy training alone, but I just have a hard time gauging my speed. I would go to my Garmin info, but since I have to deal with New York City traffic, this is often not a good measure. Rather, I must rely on my consistency. For instance, I know that my right quadriceps tend to flare a bit if I’m not careful. this is an easy fix, just one that I must keep in mind. As for nutrition, I have once again affixed my Speedfil to my bike and will fill it’s forty ounces with my personal formula from Infinit Nutrition which will be all may calories, electrolytes, etc. on the bike and on the run. I do have an additional bottle cage that will be for water which I will rotate out at aid stations. I’ll be running new Continental 4000s tires as well as racing for the first time on my Adamo Racing² from ISM . I need to remain in control of my ego and emotions and race my race on the bike, being sure to NOT get sucked into a drag race.

T2: Not much to say here except that I am going to pick up a new Fuel Belt H2O . Each 8 oz. bottle on my belt will be holding a concentrate of my Infinit blend, which accounts for one hour of activity. As on the bike, I will get my water from the aid stations.

Run: Over the past several months, since I began coaching with Jeff, my running has come light-years beyond where I thought it could. In my last long-ish brick workout, I came off of 1.5 hours on the bike and ran for an hour averaging 7:03 per mile on the run. I grant you, the bike on Sunday will be longer, as will the run, and I will NOT make any pace predictions. However, I really feel good about the run, which is something I never thought I’d say. I will be racing in my Newton Gravitas ‘ which are the same shoes that got me through Ironman Wisconsin . Hopefully, they will get to run a lot more this time around.

So that’s it! I’m excited and quite antsy. I feel ready to go, and I can’t wait for race day to come!

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