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Please Ban Blueseventy bodysuit---European Swim Coaches

Posted Dec 01 2008 10:04am

Blueseventy1 Last month six new short course swim records were set at the World Championships using the new Blueseventy bodysuit.

Now many European swim coaches want the suit banned before the European short-course Championships this month in Rijeka.

We did not expected such results. Normally, they should be maybe 0.2-0.3 seconds faster than [previous best] .. what happened was beyond our expectations,” wrote one coach.

According to

"The suits were bought for the swimmers to use just an hour or so before they wore them in a race (and at all) for the first time. In the coaches' exchange, the swimmers are quoted as saying that the Blueseventy “changed our body position and significantly increased buoyancy. It was just different swimming, different swimming technique...". One expert told SwimNews that coaches are claiming that the Blueseventy requires a change in technique because of its "wetsuit" build. A coaching nightmare and an issue that is contributing a sense of chaos that carries risks of serious financial damage to swimming.??

Complaints against the Blueseventy, a suit born in the triathlon pool, are also being voiced by rival suit makers. One source told SwimNews: "This is scary, dangerous stuff. The likes of Speedo, adidas, Arena and others have been working on products that support the body’s core strength, that support the athlete. The Blueseventy works in another way. It’s a flotation aid, in our opinion.”

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