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Pleasantly Fatigued

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
Running has dropped on my priority list, as you know. What I enjoy the most is the abundance of free time to do other things. My schedule is full right now and, honestly, with quite a number of new undertakings, I won't have much time at all to run and train seriously over the next 3 or so months. I know, I'm repeating myself.

Another thing I enjoy is how special running is now when I get to run. I run to just run. But, I'm repeating myself again.

The things that I'm up to now are numerous and all of them have a "chore-ish" characteristic to them. All of them are exciting to me just because they signify moving forward for me, but, for you, well... reading about some of them would cause an unexpected nap on the computer keyboard.

So, I'll touch on the most interesting one of them...

In about a month, we are moving to San Diego!

It's kind of scary. I whined about it here. We decided to focus on the most important things for us, and they are 1) living together like a normal married couple and not splitting time between states, 2) keeping my good job in San Diego, and 3) enjoying life in San Diego, which rocks, to say the least, while we can.

So, there ya go. We are packing!

In the meantime, I try to squeeze in as much running as possible. Yesterday, I had time for a 3 miler and 20 mins of swimming at the gym. When I got home, I did a bit of yoga, which I missed oh so much. And today, I'm pleasantly fatigued.

After work, I'll go for a 6 mile run and then I'm back to taking care of my lovely chores!
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