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Plans Plans Plans

Posted Aug 12 2008 12:00am

Wow...road trips take planning. 

So there are 4 days and counting before I depart for my adventure. Today was the car day. Inspection....check....oil change...check....

of course...something always comes out of the trip to the mechanic. I was told about two "issues" that I had. First, there was a nail in my tire. LOL. OK. Yes, about a month ago I had a flat- and went to the nearest gas station and filled up my tire. It has been fine ever since. So I think- maybe they should check that out when I am here. But what do I do? I tell them the wrong tire. Special. Luckily, the guy probably knew that I had that nice look of confusion and checked my other back tire which had a nice rusty nail embedded within the treads. Special. 

Then.....I now need a timing belt. Granted you are supposed to change your timing belt every 60000 miles. Mine has 105000. Yes, I am delinquent. But, still...not what I wanted to hear. Especially with the "it could go anytime" comment coupled with it. Cross your fingers for me. It is a two day 400 dollar job....which I will not be doing this week. Hope it holds out. 

Oh yeah, I also need new brakes...but....not time. If you need new brakes you need new brakes correct? Instead...we wait....and hope the mechanic's faith in my shoddy brakes is warranted. Did I mention I hate my car? I really want a new one. Anyone want to send me a few bucks for my cause?

OK. Next on my agenda. A wireless adapter for my computer. As everyone knows, I do have a tendency to be addicted to the internet. So I decided to rent an adapter for the week so that I will have internet access at every Did I need this? No. Did I really want it? Yes. So...hopefully by Friday it will be at my door waiting for me. 

Have I packed? Hell no. I probably will do that the night before. 

My workout and eating obsession is still on my mind. We will see what happens. I think the protein is coming with me....

My plans have been altered slightly. Here is what it looks like currently:

Annapolis: Sat morning. Lunch with R. Dinner for A's Bday Stay with L and B
Sun: Breakfast with C, Lunch with K....and on the road Pittsburgh (maybe dinner with S if she is available)
Sun-Thurs- Pittsburgh  no set plans....just hanging out with K and the triplets, meeting up with D for sushi, and Aunt LuLu of course

Thursday- to Meadville....visiting S and hopefully L. YAY Meadville. Wish I could go to the Whole Darn Thing...but I don't think subs are on my diet. BLAH 

Then Fri and Sat off to Rochester to check out L's new domicile. I mean, I should visit her if she lives in my own state. 

Sun...heading back home....and probably sleeping alot. 

If you would like to be a stop on my know my know my e-mail. Get in touch. Stay tuned for further developments.

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