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Paula Radcliffe running up to 14 miles per day while pregnant to stay in shape

Posted Jun 01 2010 8:40am
Ilsa As we told you HER E ..... World Record holder for the marathon Paula Radcliffe is expecting her second child, and today she revealed to the British press that in an effort to realize her dream of Olympic Gold at the London Olympics 2012 she is running 14 miles a day to try and stay in shape.

Now five months pregnant Radcliffe told the Daily Mail “I've been able to keep up my running for most of the pregnancy so far,I've been running around seven miles in about 45 minutes twice a day, combined with altitude and gravity training on a specially designed treadmill.'

But she admitted that she was apprehensive about going through childbirth a second time, given that her first labor lasted a grueling 26 hours.

'I know that the birth will be the real test,' she continued. 'People say the second time it may be a little easier but my pelvic bones are still as narrow as they were so there is a part of me that is nervous.

'When I run, I am used to my body working with me, but giving birth to Isla it was definitely working against me.' During her first pregnancy, Paula continued running twice a day through 5 months, switched to an hour a day plus biking in the evening, (wonder if she can swim!) after that then ran every other day in the last two months.

Then she went on to win the New York Marathon 10 months after giving birth.

But last November's New York Marathon saw a setback when her efforts to complete the race left her in excruciating pain. Eventually finishing fourth she admitted that she had probably returned to running too early .

“It took me a while mentally to get over it but my way of dealing with disappointment and upset is to go out and run - it's how I cope with all my problems,” she said.

Still there is one advantage to Paula's pregnancy, the 36-year-old’s famously taut torso is now more curvaceous and she’s even grown a voluptuous cleavage, making her wear a sports bra for only the second time in her career!

Thanks to  Danny Ward (our English correspondent) of ( TriSport Epping ) for this story.

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