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Paris shares bikes, ZipCar shares autos: so why not share scooters?

Posted Apr 03 2009 11:03pm

In Australia a design student has a new idea to solve Sydney' s transportation needs.

You' ve probably heard of the bike sharing programs in Paris were you can rent a bike from conveniently located stands sprinkled around the city.

You may also have heard about ZipCar here in the States were you can timeshare a car for a few hours or a few days.

Now Anton Grimes wants to take that concept and apply it to scooters. The Link Scooter System pictured here in concept form is pretty much self explanatory.

The fine folks of Sydney, Australia could rent electric scooters from stands conveniently sprinkled around the city by the hour for their short commutes.

According to

"The scooters are made of aluminum and plastic for durability and look a lot like the Razor scooters that were so popular a few years ago. They draw power from recharge stations affixed to light posts -- brilliant, because light posts already draw power from the city' s grid. Riders select a scooter and ride to their destination, where they hook it up to another hub to recharge.

A computer interface in each charging station would offer instructions for using the scooter, and signing up for the program would get you a free bike helmet so you protect your noggin and comply with any local laws."

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