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One and Done...and FAST FAST FAST Swimming

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:20pm
I said I'd post Sunday about my weekly summary. I didn't. Last week was a bit of a rest week. During the week it was pretty standard, but the weekend volume was down. 2 hours on Sunday on the bike with some 20 minute intervals. Monday was a rest day...massage from Lisa at Performance Wellness. Awesome massage, but be prepared to feel like you got a workout! Today was a bit of effort on the run...2 miles of effort to be exact with a warm up and cool down. 3k in the pool with some honest 200s. Tomorrow is a bike workout in race gear to see how it works.

And then that's it. So, not quite a taper, but more like a bit of rest going into California 70.3. Next post will most likely be the race report. I'm wearing #9 for some odd reason. So, as was the case many times last goal will be to equal or better my race number. The main goal however, is to have a good race that sets me up well to get ready to go for Wildflower in about 5 more weeks.

I posted about my zone swim meet. Distance is my 'specialty'. Longhorn Aquatics had some good swims by some of our lanemates. But, there is some ridiculously fast swimming going on right now over in Melbourne, AUS. The FINA world championships are going on right now. Aaron Piersol was the first person to go under 53 for the 100 meter backstroke. That's 53 SECONDS. If you could set water on fire, Michael Phelps is trying. 1:43.86 for a freakin' 200 meter freestyle. On a good day, and I mean good day I can go 1:43ish for 175 yards. T.B. one of our lanemates went 1:43.87 in the 200 yard free at Zones...meters is about 10% longer and there are 1/2 as many turns! 1:43.86. Kate Zielger went something like 15:55 in the 1500m freestyle. 1 second off of the great Janet Evans' world record set in 1988.
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