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On Training

Posted Jan 06 2010 7:49am

Well here we are again. That time of year when the holidays are over and ahead lies a lot of work, a lot of snow, a lot of cold and not a lot of daylight. That time when there doesn't seem to be an end in sight and spring seems quite far away. The time when you ponder why you don't live in a warmer state where ice and snow don't threaten your training and your sanity! This is my time to shine! :)

A few points of ponder:

1) O and I are back in the routine of work, training, sleep and eat. He is back to school and indoor track season has started. Enter long, long track meets at far away places (there aren't many indoor tracks in this area). And, as you can imagine this is a busy time of year for a dietitian! I have many new athletes to work with (yeah!) and have been tackling food logs left and right. I think I might have dreamt about food logs last night. Maybe? :)

2) Training! If I wasn't back into the swing of things before, I definitely am now! I decided to do Oceanside again this year because I really did love the early season start last year. It truly gives me something to look forward to and a lot of motivation through these cold winter months to GET THE WORK DONE.

3) Swimming! Love it as always. LCM at masters on Monday was the perfect start to the week. My lats and shoulders are sore and tired but my swim training is going great. I'm doing the 1 Hour Postal Swim on 1/16. Woo-hoo! Last year I did something like 4250 yds so I decided that this year I would like to swim 4400 yds. Then I figured out the pace I would need to maintain to achieve this goal and it came out to be 1:21/100. For an hour. Hmmm. We shall see how it goes! :)

4) Cycling! Well of course I'm on the trainer. I actually haven't riden outside since Clearwater! But I know the trainer makes me strong. Still, I'm hoping to ride outside at least once before Oceanside so I can remember how to do things like make my bike turn and descend down a hill. :) I have until late March - I'm staying optimistic.

5) Running! Oiy! This is always the tough one in the winter. And in terms of fitness, run fitness always seems to be the first one to go and the last one to return! But I will stick with the plan like I always have and in the end it usually works out. Oh, any my hamstring has been feeling surprisingly well so I cannot complain!

6) Racing! I am doing a 5 mile run race on Sunday! I hesitate to call it a "race" - as I've not done any speed work yet and the weather for this race is usually freezing cold with poor road conditions to run on. But it will at the very least be a nice hard workout to jump-start me out of my slower base training paces. Oh it will hurt alright (and to make it even more fun there is a HUGE 1/2 mile++ hill at the end). But they give you pancakes afterwards. We did this race last year and I think O ate about 29 pancakes. I can't point fingers though because I think I sucked down 32 mugs of the hot chocolate!

7) Pull-ups! Don't think I've forgotten! (I know, you all were worried weren't you!) I haven't "re-tested" myself for a while. I have instead been doing sets of 2, 3, or 4 pullups each time I go to lift. I don't think I'll be able to do 10 yet but I might be around the 7 range. I will re-test soon. The trick will be finding a time when my arms are somewhat "fresh" as swimming, lifting and sitting in my aerobars for hours have taken their toll on the shoulders/lats/neck/back, etc...

Ah yes! Training indeed! And now, I think my running tights have had sufficient time to dry in the dryer and so it's time to run. It's 15 degrees BUT I will have nice toasty running tights on! At least until I step outside... ;)

Happy training, working and living to everyone! Keep warm! (and if you already live somewhere warm...keep hydrated!...or something like that... :)

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