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Old College Tri 2010 - Recap

Posted Sep 06 2010 12:00am
The Old College Tri 2010  was an extremely succesful race for me.  I finished in 9th place in my age group out of 31 Men 35-39 racers.  Overall I was 53rd out of 369 athletes.

Getting a Top 10 in such a fast race is a terrific accomplishment and one that I am very proud of.

My splits were incredible on this day as I set records in all three disciplines.

My swim went very well although I did get caught in two bottle necks.  My overall time was 4:36 for a 250 yard pool swim.  The split per 100 yards was 1:50.  Having gotten caught up in those two bottle necks was both harmful to my race but helpful in that these types of clogs will happen during the open water swim.

The bike was incredible even though it was short.  The ride was a total of 12 miles, but my speed is what I was concerning myself with and that was 19.7 mph.  That is 0.5 mph faster then any previous race I have done.  There were some hills but for the majority of the ride it was flat for the most part.  There were times when I felt that I was letting myself slow down but during the downhills I was going well over 22+ mph.

The run was a 3 loop 1-mile course but there were no hills whatsoever and it was fast.  I ran the 3 miles in a time of 21:37.9 which turns out to be a 7:12/mile pace.  That pace would have set a 5K race record for me.

I ran with a guy names Jeremy who I met on the course and he pushed me because I was not going to let him beat me.  Once we rounded the corner of the final lap and had about 0.5 miles to go I turned it on and picked up the pace.  He then started to pace me but we hit a driveway which was a hill and I sprinted up that hill and beat him.

Follow this link to the race results Old College Tri 2010 Race Results

or go to the Race Results tab on my page here Race Results - 2010

They will also be on the results tab of my blog.

Kudos to my wife for getting up at 4:30am to accompany Robert and I to the race.  It was such great inspiration to have there with me and really pushed me to do well as I wanted to produce great results for her.
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