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Ok retract previous title..THIS is Chamois Time!

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

Not a bad place to train eh??

I finally have a minute to write a post from camp! It has been full on! I thought we did a lot of riding before camp...until i got here and we rode 24 hours in the first week! approx 1200 km later...our camp is coming to an end!

2 weeks ago we made the 90 min drive down the coast to a little town outside Byron Bay called South Golden Beach. It is absolutely gorgeous! (Pictures coming!) It is a QAS camp but basically it's the 2 main squads in Brisbane..actually I think they are the 2 main squads in Australia. Shaun and Steven Moss are running the camp and working us hard! It has been a really nice to switch up the training style, scenery and athletes. Everyone works really hard but has fun too. I am really enjoying training with people my own age!

The training has been going really well's a lot of hours but i am really really enjoying it! We usually start with a swim at 7:30 then a ride at 10:30 and a run in the afternoon...that is if we aren't doing a 6 hour hilly ride in the morning!! (then its just an ocean swim and or a run later). We managed to do 3 of those in a week! I thought if we rode that long we would take a nice flat ez route...turns out there is no flat route around here! 160km of really rolling terrain and climbs and the pace is anything but easy. I was surprised at how quickly i adapted though and now it's no problem! Although today I got smucked my the semi truck! Not bad timing though because tomorrow is a recovery day then saturday is the last day! It has been so much fun here! I am feeling fit again and more like myself in training which is nice!

Now it's back to Brisbane for a few more days of training and then an ez week starting Christmas eve. It will be strange spending Christmas in the sun without my family! :( Especially considering it looks like they may get a white Christmas which NEVER happens!!! I haven't taken any pictures from the camp (surprise surprise) but i will have to steal some off th others and post them later!

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