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Official Eagleman Photos Posted

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:31am
Yikes!! Thank God it wasn't a beauty contest!

You'll notice the one wetsuit photo of me with dirt all over my face. That pretty much sums up the finish line of the swim after battling the waves for what felt like and eternity.

Our Tour of Dead Presidents continues and ends today. SO far this week we've seen the homes and subsequent burial grounds of Presidents Washington, Madison, Jefferson and Kennedy. If there's time today as we head back to D.C., we may visit the Fords Theatre where Lincoln was shot and later died across the street. Morbid?? Maybe... Fascinating?? You bet! Who wouldn't want to see the bloody pillow where he laid his head?

There's no doubt that I'm leaving Virgina/Maryland/D.C. with a renewed interest in American History. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I didn't give a shit about it the first time! Maybe some of the history will stick now! It was humorous as we went for a small job this morning along the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. As we're in our Asics Gel Nimbus Shoes and Cool Max clothes, the "townspeople" were meandering by with their colonial garb and bread baskets. Are you supposed to say "good day?" It was definitely a blending of Old America and New America. I'll take New America any day!

I'm also leaving this area with about 4-5 extra pounds (I suspect) that must find its way off my waistline. It certainly doesn't take long to do damage! I will say that the "death by chocolate" dessert at Trellis Restaurant was worth it though!

Back towards D.C. and then Austin.
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