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Odds and Ends

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

This morning I had a track workout. And because I'm afraid of the type of heckling that Danielle experienced while she was at the track the other day, I made sure to get up early enough so as to have the workout done before school was in session. Something about high school kids scares me greatly. Not sure why. I guess it's because they seem so...unpredictable. :)

Anyway, the workout went well. It was chilly! In the 40s which, for some reason, felt quite cold. Especially once I was back home sitting around in my sweaty clothes! The intervals were a mix of 800s, 1600s and 200s. And as always I was pushing it hard and hurting! The 200s are the hardest! Wait, who am I kidding, the 1600s are the hardest. :)

I returned home after the workout for breakfast and some odds and ends (while said breakfast digested) before I headed to the pool. When I got to the pool there was a swim class going on but all the lap lanes were empty. My choice of lanes! :) I settled on the end lane and got started on my warmup when, about 10 minutes in, a rather large group of people entered the pool. I moved my stuff over figuring I would soon be sharing a lane when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of "that" guy. The "Since When Did Your Beak Get So Sharp" guy!

And of course he picked my lane to share.

He really is quite nice, but just so darn weird! At one point during my workout I heard him barking. Really? I sort of felt bad after a while figuring that maybe he has something like Tourette's and I shouldn't be so judgemental. Oh well. I did stop long enough after my warmup for him to start talking to me during which a large line of questioning regarding NYC ensued. It took me a while to figure out why he was talking to me about NYC. My swim cap was from the NYC tri. Oh.

Anyway, once I started the main set of my workout I was swimming on a pretty tight interval so there was no time for chit chat. I should mention that the Beak Guy doesn't actually swim, he mostly just stands at the end of the pool on the wall and occasionally will use the kickboard to go out about 10 yds before returning to the wall.

Never a dull moment at the YMCA!

The rest of my day has been spent doing laundry, ironing, an eye appointment, Sam's Club (where I discovered my new favorite snack - chocolate covered raisins mixed with almonds!), and many other odds and ends.

Tomorrow - back to masters swim! Yipppeeee!

Good night everyone!

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