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Oceanside 70.3 Recap- (A.K.A. "Yay! I Finished a Major Race with a Smile on My Face!"

Posted Mar 08 2010 10:28pm
I can't believe I made it. No, seriously. I can't believe I made it to the start AND the finish line of this race. Since last Fall, I've had to bail out of the Redman Half-Ironman in September 2009, the California International Marathon in December 2009 and Ironman St. George next month. Three major races...Three "Do Not Starts." Too much hip pain and the ever-frustrating knowledge that even rest wasn't making it better. I needed this race for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I needed a goal and something to keep my mind and body active while I weighed the pros and cons of injections, surgery or a lifestyle change to knitting.  Second, I needed this race as a vacation and an example to my brother-in-law. He had signed up for this event--his second triathlon EVER last year. We signed up for our own benefit, of course, but it was also a family bonding thing. We wanted to be there to support him and race with him. Thirdly, I needed it for ego. Yep, I admit it. I wanted to feel relevant and capable. So many of my friends are out there training and I didn't want to be left behind to wither away on the couch. Sad, but true. Plus, we have all of these blingy toys like fancy bikes, wetsuits, sponsors and computrainers and I didn't want to watch them gather dust. (Now I know what it must be like being a washed-up pop star trying to remain relevant. I won't mention any names.)

So, just getting to Oceanside and feeling healthy going into the race was monumental for me. For the last month or so (pretty much when I decided to have surgery), my hip joint has been feeling decent. Ironically, the "healthy" hip and knee have been squeaking a little louder than usual. Can you say "over compensation?" When I have massages (like every week right now), I really have them focus on my psoas, illiacus, low back and hip flexors. Basically, they massage the muscles that make my legs move! This seems to have helped loosen things up a bit. I also think hitting yoga 3-4 times a week is helping as well because I'm working on strength and blood flow to the joints-not just a constant pounding and grinding from running and cycling. Regardless, life was good when our plane finally touched down in Orange County.

Not sure where this was taken, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have been out of my saddle. Maybe I was doing it for photo effect of being a tough biker chick...Nah.

Typical unflattering race photo that makes me look like an overweight dude. The white shorts aren't flattering either. At least I was passing people...and my Garmin looks like a PC on my arm!

Official Time was 5:33:01 19th/88 in age group
See you in 2011 Oceanside!

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