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NYRR American Heart Association Start! Wall Street Run and Heart Walk

Posted Jun 24 2010 8:03pm
Tonight I ran in the AMA Start Wall Street Run and Heart Walk. Ran being the operative word.

I originally signed up for this race a while ago since the start was only a few blocks from my office and it would count as another of the 9 races to qualify for the 2011 NYC 26.2. I figured if I couldn't run I could walk it. I've been doing the physical therapy and asked if I should try running to see if I'm making any progress. The PT said to do a short run and see what happened.

I viewed this race as the perfect opportunity and I convinced myself 3 miles qualified as short. I haven't really run in months and quickly realized I sort of forgot how. The race was not cooperating either since the weather was in the mid 90s today with a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the weather wonks. The race was scheduled to start at 6:45 and it cooled down to a tepid 87 per the race director.

The announced that there were about 12,000 runners and walkers combined. Now, I don't know how familiar you are with lower Manhattan but twelve thousand people don't fit on those streets. The race started and there was a turn a few hundred feet on the course. The crowds made it so that you couldn't run so there was a lot of walking from time to time. But when I could, I ran.People started running on the sidewalks. The New Yorkers coming out of their offices seemed oblivious that there was a race going on and just walked into the crowds to get to their subways. I saw a girl go down and there was a pile up. I still tried to run. I looked at my Garmin to see what my pace was and it was jumping around. I realized the buildings were making it lose signals. Oh well.

I found when you don't run for a while (in my case months), running can be hard. Per the Garmin, Mile 1 went by in 10:26, Mile 2 went by in 9:38, Mile 3 in 10:30 and somehow Garmin thought I raced an additional .25 of a mile at a 10:15 pace. For me these times are fast. I stopped to catch my breath a couple of times but the official finish had me in 33:00 for 3 miles. Garmin said it was 3.25 miles. Who knows if it was off or I was off but I was very happy with my run.

The best news is that my hip and legs didn't hurt during or after the run. A lot of the rest of me hurt but that is to be expected. The net of this is that I might have a shot at actually running in the NYC tri later in July.

Rock on.

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